Rescue Journal

the vet runs...

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2011

rumple had an exam, bloodwork and a chest xray...a mouthful of abcessed and rotting teeth, a cardiac arrythmia with a mildly enlarged heart and then whatever the bloodworks says he has too.

minnie pearl has lost 10 pounds since spring...probably related to her kidney disease...her back end weakness is related to her progressive spinal disease..we have upped both her tramadol and her amitriptyline plus we will increase the amounts of her extra canned feedings to try to help her hang on to her weight.

i had booked an exam with a possible euthanization for monty today..but then he decided to eat again so i cancelled. but he hasn't eaten since early this morning so once again he is going to not get his meds. i asked the vet if this was just the roller coaster ride and the end result was going to be the same..and he said probably yes. i think i need to end step forward two steps back is not going to give monty a pain-free life back. i will think on it over the weekend and try to figure out what monty would like me to do.

back on early shift tomorrow...i have got to get my laundry thru and head off to bed early...please kristy no more puking on my head..i am still traumatized over that.