Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2011

since we are already semi finalists..we sit out the next round or two..that is why you guys can't vote. these next two rounds are to determine the final 20 semifinalists in our category...(30 altogether.)

voting for the finals begins in dec. so to keep in the habit... vote for us on the petfinder challenge til then!

i made the mistake of telling our contact spca manager that we had three deaths this past week..and gee guess what? 3 more cruelty seizures are now coming in. one is papa john's brother from the same original home who has not been adopted despite all of the extra time he was given....i sure hope papa john doesn't have any more unadoptable homeless relatives! anyway..i bet they will be glad to see each other again.

i can't remember if i told you all that nicole has officially adopted pugsley (she filled out the paperwork last time she was out so i couldn't slip him out away from her!) he is staying here for at least his 8 week post op recovery period plus nicole's fiona and taz are quite near to the end of their roads..(they both have had cancer for a long time and are starting to show significant illness...but they still have a bit of fun with nicole time left..sadly...probably not very much tho.) anyway..i like pugsalug a lot so he can stay here for as long as he needs. now if nicole adopted some hagette like phoebe...her bags would be packed and she would be waiting for nicole to pick her up at the end of our driveway toot sweet!!

a few weeks ago we decided to reduce phoebe's anxiety meds cuz she has been pretty good for quite a long time. BIG mistake..she is starting to escalate again..the red whirling hag is back again...shit! anyway..we will put the med dose back up again but it will take a few weeks for full effect. until then her zen den is getting a fair amount of use....note to myself...DO NOT EVER GOOF AROUND WITH PHOEBE'S PSYCH. MEDS AGAIN!!!!!
(the dog is nutz and the meds just keep her nuttiness in check.)

mo had a big scare today (it is still going on...) gwen has suddenly gone quiet, wobbly and weak and won't eat anything at all ( mo even tried prime rib!) she rushed her into the vets and they did bloodwork and xrays. tomorrow when the bloodwork comes back it may be easier to put it all together to come up with a diagnosis for gwen. until then she is home with mo who i am sure is freaking out with worry.

big group hug to mo and gwen!!!!!!



Positive thoughts being sent your way Mo for both you and Gwen. I hope she is feeling better soon. Hugs to you both.

Carol Ann

Mo my thoughts are with you too. I know what that is like to be so afraid for them and feel helpless. Big hugs to you

Bunny Horne

My thoughts are with you MO and Gwen. Super big hugs to your entire pack.


Its hard to act like nothing is up and try and act normal when you are worried sick about your pet. Its good to at least try though even if it means being awake all night. Hopefully you will have some clarity tomorrow when the results come back. Best wishes from my home to yours.


Thanks for the thoughts guys.. Gwen is not happy, she hasn't moved from her bed since coming home from the vets, she is drinking but will not eat. I am very scared but trying not to let her know

Cheryl K

Oh poor Mo..she had a scare with Levi last week and big vet bill..hugs Mo and hope it is not anything major with Gwen...


Sending good vibes from Ruskin for Gwen. I have known her since she was a puppy so she, and Al, have a special place in my heart.
Thinking of you Mo.


Ditto what Lynne said, Mo!! Gwen is such a lovely girl - I hope whatever is going on is fixable, and short term. Hugs from me too!
On a separate note, I'm so glad to hear that Nicole is adopting Pugsley. Is she working on a great name for him too?? I'm sorry, I'm not going to give up hope for a new name, and Im sure Nicole will come thru with something special. We could all start calling him his new name immediately, and by the time he goes home with her, it'll be like it was always his name. Please?


will be thinking about you and gwen and praying everything will be okay. hugs to both of you.