Rescue Journal

it looks dark and cold out is dark and cold in here...brrrhhhh

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2011

i am so not looking forward to hysterical pig wrangling in half an hour. anyway...i have a plan in my head and will have the necessary human and material help available (ie laura, dionne, rick....ramp, plywood, bedding straw, truck and trailer...little hungry piggies yummy breakfast!) so hopefully it will go quickly and smoothly and the hysteria can be kept to a bare minimum.
hope floats.

i already warned work that i am probably going to be late..too hard predict how this will go cuz quite frankly i have never loaded very big baby pigs into a trailer before....i do know you can't put a halter or rope on and lead them cuz pigs are far too uncooperative and clever for that! the trick i think is simply to encourage them to want to get into the trailer as their own decision cuz that is where breakfast is being served. i think our job is to make actually getting to and into the trailer as easy and desirable as possible for them. i have been thinking about this a lot!

i figure dionne can try to out run them eager and hungry young uns' straight into the trailer holding their breakfast bowls just out of their reach. she is A. younger...B..healthier...C...faster and D...getting paid... unlike old and crippled laura and yours truly! it might actually suck at times to be a young and mobile fulltime barn staff member at at 7 am this morning!

anyway....we will have to see if my "Perfect Plan" actually all depends..who can run faster?... wilbur and charlotte?....or dionne? (if this plan works..i just might have to give dionne a raise...maybe i will mention this BEFORE we start so she is really happy to participate in the baby pig breakfast to trailer race!)

sigh...magic pumpkin travel time is getting close now..i guess i better go get dressed into my barn yard fairy godmother costume...where is my god damn magic pig moving wand????.


Ann C

Well done ladies, so glad Dionne you were not trampled underfoot in the pig to trailer rush!!LOL Bon voyage Wilbur & Charlotte, happy days to you both, another great SAINTS ending.


how it went is not even worth a blog post of it's own....those babes were loaded and chowing down within a minute and a half of being let out of their pen. it was the EASIEST and FASTEST loading i have ever seen...the magic wand was their breakfast bowls!
gotta love hungry baby pigs!

bye wilbur and charlotte...have a wonderful life in your new home!

thx dionne (who does run quick,) laura and rick for helping them on the road to their new home!

quick cup of tea..then off to my real job...where magic wands do not exist!

Bunny Horne

TIP for Dionne about the suggested RAISE in pay.... As I learned last week at my part time position it may only be a dream - the words "well there just might be a pay raise for you" made my heart leap - got me all excited but when I opened my pay I discovered it was a "might-not".
And I am pretty sure that "old crippled Laura" can kick just about anyone's butt.
Happy Wrangling Ladies - can't wait to see the blog entry on how it actually went.


Your "god damn magic pig moving want" is with Santa. He's still trying to figure out if you've been bad or good this year. Coal . . . Wand . . . Coal . . . Wand . . . LOL


WTF! old and crippled....we can not be all that bad if we are getting up at this god awful hour to wrangle pigs!!! c ya