Rescue Journal

it was a wet, deary, sad, sad day...

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2011

but everyone is warm and dry and sleeping right now so i guess that is ok.

charlie is in the vets on IV's overnight..the clinic re-tested her for feline leukemia and i was freaking out that maybe we had gotten a false negative in that last influx of cats and had inadvertently infected charlie which is why she is not getting over her URI very quick. luckily she tested negative so i did not screw up, and hopefully with the IV fluids and antibiotics she will start to feel better soon.

i need to make a decision about looks like we need to remove his eye and eye lids if we are going to try to stop the cancer from taking over. i am just not sure he is emotionally strong enough to handle the stress and recovery from the surgery. he is a little feral freak out bunny..physically he is in very good shape but i need to think of his emotional health too. i will ponder on this over the weekend.

ed has been moved into the office..i spent a fair amount of time with him today..and i am pretty confident in saying that thus far he is not a dick head...i am kind of liking the old fuzzy fart...he sees the vet on monday.

one of the spca cruelty constaples stopped by this afternoon for a quick drop in visit..she apologised for not calling was fine, i think they should just periodically pop by here once in awhile to make sure we haven't gone nutz! anyway... i was kind of hoping she would take a bunch of animals out of here and shut us down but she was only wanting to get some photo's of her recent seizures so she could finish off their files.
she was involved in the may/bruiser and tess/kristy/65 cat seizure and benny and june's case, she took the original call on brad pitt when he was stuck in the river and she was the attending officer for pops too. she was so happy to see them all and know they are all doing well. she even remembers little bambi 1 from her spca time so it was like an spca reunion! i did tell her for the foreseeable future we are now really full so hopefully they won't be seizing anyone old, wrecked and desperate for awhile cuz we don't have room!
but she gave me some more utterly sad details on where they all came from so i am really glad they are all here now too....but please god...please, please, please no more for awhile...i need a break for a month or two!

ok i am chilled to the bone and still sad about bud so i am going to have a hot bath and hang out with the bed buddies until it is time for the bedtime stuff....we might just watch captain america!



So sorry Carol about your recent loss of happy they had a true friend in you, big hugs, xxoo


sorry erin and kim, my plans suddenly changed. i thought i would have time to come in sat but we are heading in to town before 11oclock hope someone else reads this and comes to help. i feel like shit doing this to you. my apologies.


soft jelly like lumps are of no is hard immovable masses that we worry about. the vet checked him over today quite thoroughly...nothing remarkable to suggest the cancer has spread yet...physically he looks fine to go ahead with the surgery.


So sorry about Little Big Bud, Carol - wow, this has been a rough couple of weeks for losing some special little souls.

Stevie is a sweetheart. Sorry, but he does enjoy cuddles - once I've managed to catch him, that is!! He can be a bit freaky about that. There is another strange jelly-like lump above his left front foot, though, so not sure if the cancer is spreading already - did the vet say anything about that?

I'd be upset to lose him, but don't want him to suffer either.