Rescue Journal

someone was...

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2011

setting off fireworks in the schoolyard next door at just before midnight last night. i wasn't expecting it..thus i was unprepared for it so it was the mad dash and scramble to shut all of the dog doors, turn on all of the tv's/radios to thundering volume to drown out the noise. the freak outs by then were already freaked out.
it totally sucked.

and unfortunately tang was unbeknownst to me out in the cat run at the time and i missed him on my high speed sweep to get everyone in so he ended up spending the whole night out there and couldn't get back in.
and that sucked even more for him.

i try to have halloween week off for vacation if i can get it so i am around to deal with this shit and don't have to worry about disrupted sleep and i should have had the place locked down earlier but for some reason i forgot what time of the year it was and didn't.

ooops...sorry tang.


Carrie Johnston

The whole issue of fireworks in the hands of individuals is at its core a political one - every city and municipality in B.C. has the power to shut down their sale and possession. There are jurisdictions in Canada that don't allow them and they do not have this problem at Halloween. As British Columbians, we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes each year just to cover the damage done to schools and other public facilities and to pay for extra policing. It is civic election season in B.C. and I urge everyone to make it a voting issue by raising the matter with your respective city/municipal politicians. We have to change the paradigm - pressing for by-law changes 'for the animals' won't get their attention, but not voting for politicians who waste our tax dollars so a bunch of idiots can disturb the peace and cause major damage every Halloween
certainly will.

Barbara DeMott

I hate those stupid people that cause so many animals to run away and get hit by cars because of their fireworks. Living where I do, I think of all the wild animals too. Why are human beings such asses???

Bunny Horne

Carol, don't forget this year there are many nights that are Halloweenish - last night, tonight, Sunday and of course Monday the 31st. I haven't seen my cat in over a week, she is terrified of fireworks. I have to buy Feliway to help keep her calm and move things all around so that she is comfortable in her terrified state. It is so stressful with one terrified critter, my heart goes out to you with all the scared SAINTS.