Rescue Journal

and saints is sucking today.

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2011

some rescue days might just be better off spent in bed.

oh let me just try to chronicle all of the not so good stuff about today.

first of is pissing down rain...the place is a freaking mudpit and there are too many moist and muddy animals currently inside the house!

joey is still screaming whenever he forgets and moves his neck.

oh..and then three (soon to be four) more came..oliver (now "ollie" so as not to be confused with our diabetic cat oliver) and maybelle... i was expecting and prepared for. two PB de-clawed exotics who have been living in a dog cage in the garage with a heat lamp for the past year. they have severe incontinence issues (i think this might be the byproduct of breeding cats with their faces literally suction cupped to their brains or it could be an unhappy consequence of de-clawing.) anyway the family simply could not manage them in their home any more. fiinding them another decent home proved impossible because no one wants even purebred funny looking cats who urinate EVERYWHERE..ALL THE TIME. so it was saints or the big blue needle and since they had been stuck in a cage for the past year..i figured they would probably like an option like will be roomier and more fun then what they were currently living in. they are pretty damn cute little cats..they look like fuzzy aliens.

the third that suddenly arrived was unexpected and there is a fourth one attached to the third who is currently on the lam. eva, one of our past volunteers had a death in her extended family and these were that families cats. she said she tried all of the other shelters and spca's and no one had any room so she grabbed the male and brought him up here and is hoping to re-catch the female who had gotten loose. so far i don't know anything about these cats..not even their names. anyway the male is totally freaked out because the only place i had to stick him was in a computer room cage....and for a freaked out cat..that totally sucks. if and when she catches the female, she will be joining her friend here at saints.

and to make today really not fun... it was brad pitt pig intro. did not go well. trying to break up a pig and cow fight is like trying to break up a dinosaur fight...thank god none of the volunteers got injured!

percy has a bloody gash on his forehead and brad pitt has a black eye. i knew everything had gone sideways when i heard mo yelling at percy and brad to stop.... oh yay...a 1500 pound cow and a 700 pound pig rumble was taking place in my peaceable kingdom barnyard! anyway..brad is back in his pen, percy is where ever he normally is and never shall the two meet together...ever again.
freaking monolithic morons.

sooo...since bed (for me) thus far has not been an option...i am thinking MORE tylenol and a hot shower (because my knee is freaking KILLING me!) before i brave the rain and the mud to put everyone safely to bed while commiserating with percy and brad about the war wounds they both sustained today.. then i will spend some cuddle time with the new exotic flat faces...see if i can get the nameless scared one to eat something....and take mr. piss-a-lot chow for a walk...i bet it will STILL be raining!
sigh...rescue totally and completely freaking well sucks....especially on wet rainy days.



Could you take Oliver the pee pee dog too. Shelley came over today and while she is saying hello to him he peed all over the floor and himself.


I can sympathize, Brenda. One morning in the FeLeuks' room I thought "Oh, a cute new rat toy" and found when I went to pick it up it weren't no toy. Probably Murray and Brianne (hunting the rainbow bridge now) doing their catly duty.


i remembered the rat after i finished posting this when i heard ANOTHER one digging around in the crawl space.
sigh..tomorrow i will put some poison down there,apparently the monsooning weather is driving them in under the house again..oh freaking yay!

i would like know which brave cat took on the rat that you found tho...he or she is my hero!


Carol; you forgot one more thing that was NOT fun today, (at least for me) - finding a big dead rat when I was shaking out the bed linens in the computer room this am. I initially thought it was a big turd, and was reaching to pick it up with my bare hands (I know; but shit doesn't bother me). On the other hand - rats do bother me, so I grabbed a paper towel and picked it up and tossed it in garbage, and made sure that garbage bag was taken out to the bin outside. NOT fun! - and I didn't even scream! Good thing it wasn't Lynne or Ann, or I think there might have been a scream.


Carol, I couldn't find you before we left today, but I had an idea that might be ok or just a waste of time -regarding your monolithic morons. At the end of Mr. Pitts enclosure is a short 4ft section of fence that backs on to the upper pasture. Behind your garbage bin is a 4ft wide (by 6ft high) chain link door fully framed in, so it would be an easy thing to gate it and then Brad would not have to have words with Percy in the Riding Ring if he wanted to get out and stretch his short little pink legs. Next time we are there I can install it if you wish, just let me know.