Rescue Journal

i so hate rescue...and i so hate pigs!

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2011

apparently all is not sunshine and roses in wilbur and charlotte's new home...oh shit..four different pig personalities..reality hit hard. on day one there was a conflict between wilbur and one of the existing pigs...who i am told tried to mount and breed wilbur and actually ejaculated so i am willing to bet he is a crypt one undescended testicle which the original castrating farmer left in....which makes him a fully functioning boar. oh my...can we spell big trouble? anyway wilbur took offence to the other pigs boarishness and basically knocked him on his ass (cuz he may be younger but he is bigger and going to get bigger and BIGGER!) and the other pig got hurt and was down for two days and now he is gibbled and limps. so new mom is now worried that happy pigs living together might be a pipe dream.

well shit yeah...i can't even get brad pitt to live with a mega cow so i am not ever even trying to get him to live with ellie!

anyway..i did offer some pigs probably cannot live together and will need seperate areas. and i offerred some blunt sage advice like...let go of the warm and fuzzy fantasies of happy multiple pig communal life and accept the fact that with multiple communal living of any animals it is usually pretty predictable that a dick head will pop up to screw up the dream.

and...shoot me!..i did say that..i am responsible for those pigs for the rest of their lives so if they have to come back, then they do. (oh my freaking god NOOOOOOO!)
(shut up carol, quit yer whining, the right answer is yes.)

now we wait to see what happens next cuz she has a ton of thinking to do...can she deal with the reality and can she construct a different dream but one that still works well for them all...or will charlotte and wilbur come back to saints?

maybe i can skip town and not leave a forwarding address?????

rescue might be sucking again soon...oh shit!..i just sent back the rent-a-fence!....and why oh why can't all giant pigs be as wonderfully kind and gentle and cooperative as ellie?????