Rescue Journal

kind folks

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2011

we have our regular good folks who come here week after week, year after year to care for our old is pretty darn special. and then we have our heating guy who comes when i call to fix the oil furnace and then won't let me pay for what he did. next he comes back a couple of years later and takes out and away the old oil furnace and tank, runs new gas lines and converts us and hooks us up with a new natural gas furnace..and then charges us something like $1000 which i doubt barely even covered his cost.

and today on a nice and sunny fall saturday when he should have been kicking back and relaxing, he shows up without my calling...just to tune up the fireplaces, and clean and test everything out so we are all ready for winter...perfect timing cuz i was able to tell him that one of the fireplaces thermostat didn't work!

if anyone in the maple ridge/mission/abbotsford area needs an honest and really good and generous company to do some quality heating gas busters..i am amazed at what good care he takes of us...he is a really good man.

brad pitt was quite pissed off at bedtime...he bitched non stop because he did not get out of his pen today. i told him we were all was an honest mistake and he can come out for a bit longer tomorrow to make up for it. unfortunately..not having had in depth conversations witth humans for all of his life...he unlike ellie mae, really does not understand english all that well yet.

he did eventually settle down and get calmer so maybe he can read my mind and do the pig telepathy thing.

so it looks like june and pugsley were wrestling and thundering around in the computer room while i was out in the first clue was all of the old dogs were thoroughly pissed off and my second clue was they had knocked over half of the house.

whatever..hopefully they are both tired now and will just go to sleep.

that whole load of stuff out by the trailer came out of my car tonight. one of the nurses moms has been collecting for us. it was too dark and late by the time i was done at the barn to sort thru it all and move it into the shop. so note to sunday volunteers...don't worry, that mess is not there for you to have to take care of...just leave it and i will quickly go thru it on my lunch break tomorrow.

jenn did a big clean up in the shop looks so much better..good job!!!!!

sad sam is pretty damn cute. when i went to put the medical room to bed...he was actually peeking at me from under his blankie to see what i was up to. this is a big step forward for him...usually he hides his whole entire face. he is coming out and eating his canned food and using his litter box every night now after all of the lights go off.

coco puff really needs to get her butt out of that back cat room starting cage..her door has been open for a couple of weeks now but there she stubbornly stays. i did see her out one day in the hidey hole cat bed on the thomas the train bed...but i think that is the only time she has come out on her own. man that cat is stubborn..."NO! i am NOT coming out!"

rocky and rummy are doing really well..they are both already out and toddling around..they are super nice cats!

all of the new dogs are doing quite fine and that is because new dogs are far easier to deal with than new cats. feed a new dog some kind of tempting crap that they have never been allowed before and suddenly all is right in their world. papa john absolutely adores me...not actually personally, but what i stand opportunities. he cracks me up because once i get home from work..he turns into my very best buddy, trotting everywhere that i go just in case i grab something to eat along the way.
anyway..i am becoming exceedingly fond of the little grey garden gnome..his cheerful expectation brings a smile to my face every day.

just a reminder on the space monkey cats..they need flat dishes and bowls to easily eat from...and they need their canned food watered down and souped up a little too. i put a couple of pie plate type dishes in their pen and both of them have an easier time of eating out of them.

marvin had a HUGE pain episode at bedtime...geez, i felt so sorry for him. monty did not have one while i was in there so at least tonight i think he is feeling pretty good. these chronic mouth cats are are so up and down..somedays are pretty good for them and some days are just horrible. mama t is also a mouth cat but she bounced back remarkably well after her surgery and she has FeLV! i have yet to see her have a pain episode and her freaking face is almost constantly in a food bowl. i just don't get why some do so very well like mama t and pat and others like monty and marvin just can't seem to get past it.
there has to be a reason.

i am remembering to put my clocks back tonight..oh not so is going to get freaking dark early tomorrow.



I think we should turn back the clocks every weekend. I was actually EARLY today!

Carol i started at just after 430 and it was just getting dark by the time i headed over to the mp building at about 545 (and the electricity is not working in the feed room for some reason tonight we want to be done feeding before it gets dark) theorectically if we are going to lose an hour it is going to be fully dark tomorrow around 5pm so we should start around 4 pm. BUT i am not supposed to actually reach home from work until 530 BUT..i can probably get off early again as long as nothing goes wrong at work. so i will try to take an hour off of work and leave by 4 which will get me home about 430 and if we kick ass with the two of us doing the feeding we can probably be out of the dark feed shed by 5 (when we won't be able to see anymore!)
so how about we shoot for 430 and i really appreciate the help, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!


carol, what time do you think barn bedtime will have to start tomorrow? i can come and help so we can get it done before dark.


it can all go in the shop ashley..except for the gastro..leave that on the counter in the mp building and i can use it for lucky...thx!!!!!!


Carol, I have a few huge bags of dog food I'm bringing out tomorrow... Medical dental, medical weight control and medical preventive. Do you want it anywhere particular or just in the shop? I also have a mid size Medical gastro low fat (anyone prone to pancreatitis??)