Rescue Journal

just the quick stuff...

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2011

lucky pontificating tonight.

princess leia and billy apparently had an argument thru the wire seperating their pens. leia got moved over across the rabbit room to a single pen (i actually was eyeing her double pen for crosby the turkey as her winter abode anyway.)
the princess is currently pissed over the move..oh well... i am sure she will settle and pick fights with stevie and amber next, she is the warrior princess.... soon all will be right in her world again.

ahhhh..i got home from work and settled the mp building to bed (thank you KO and laura for putting the barn guys to bed!!!!) and when i got into the house what did i find? someone has started eating the red leather computer room couch which is a total drag. i have no idea how many dogs have laid on that couch over the past 6 years and NOT chewed it..i am thinking it is well into the triple digit numbers sad to lose both of our cool red leather couches in the very same year.

i had a quick heart attack at work this afternoon when the alarm company called and said the fire alarm in the barn had gone off! they said it went off and then re-set itself but i should go out and check if all was well...except i was 30 minutes away. so laura called KO (cuz she is closest) and she came up and checked and then called me to say everything was ok.
whew...(wilbur was napping in there!)

laura had a great tour group today..really nice folks!

pugsley is currently bleeding between his back toes, it doesn't look too bad but i want to look closer and i tried to have a look but he kept trying to play with me so i will wait til the idiot falls asleep.

i got a call at work this morning that papa john had fallen in the pond. mo, ko and june saved him so that was good and then they brought him up to the house and wrapped him in warm towels then ashley took over and checked him over (she is one of our volunteer vet techs) and finished warming him with sweaters, heating pads...and apparently lots of canned food. by the time i got home at lunch time...he looked like he was a pretty happy camper (except he said he could use even MORE food!) i have put him on antibiotics just in case he aspirated..i don't want him to get pneumonia!

joey is still occasionally screaming.
oliver's blood sugars are still up in the high 20's.
bennie's knee is still sore.
and pugsley (since he is still alive and well...) apparently did last night puke up all of that plastic toy.

ok, that's it, i'm done with the news.