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Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2011

a couple of newer rubber backed bath mats. they have to be newish cuz because otherwise they don't work as well. we need them to nail over the two big in/out dog doors as cold weather flaps cuz they let too much cold air in the winter months. regular throw matts do not work as well...they are not thick enough without the thick rubber backing and regular carpet pieces do not work either because it is too stiff. we are painfully short of funds right now and i am hoping not to have to buy if folks could ask around?

poor little papa john's tail is like an icicle...i am thinking having a hairless tail is worse then having a hairless body (he has both) because the warm blood flow to the tail is far less....he needs a pencil sized sock to keep his little tail warm this winter!

also...remind me well before next winter to save up some money to close in and switch over the sliding glass doors into a regular door...we let far too much cold air in here because of the gap between the panes when we added the extra wood panel to frame in the dog door....i am stuffing ithe gap with big fleeces but mystic i think keeps taking them out.

can you tell it was cold in here this morning?..i am a bit focused on warming things up around here.

oh and....note to myself...go out a bit early to warm up the car cuz it is covered in a very thick frost!

pugsly was barfing up blue plastic dog toys during the night..i hope he got them all out.

i thought something bad was up with fergus cuz peluchi has been compulsively licking him for the last two nights. peluchi doesn't even like fergus so it was worrying me. but then last night peluchi started compulsively licking tina. now i am thinking that something is up with peluchi....just not sure what it could be.

so when do the days start getting longer instead of shorter? cuz i need to have a light at the end of the too dark too early tunnel to focus will keep me from going insane!

oh is getting light out! and who freaking cares? long as it is light by 8 or 9 when most of us start actually working (not including the 7 am shift starts i have) would be far better to have the extra light at the end of the day, like at 4 or 5 pm when for most of us the working stuff is still going on!

it is no wonder more folks get depressed in the winter months..they are physically and emotionally starved for sunlight...daylight savings time changing just makes it much more pleasant to drive home, stop at the grocery store, take your kids to dance class, put your barn guys to bed.... if it is still a bit light out after work.

sorry...i know i am obsessing...i will get over it in a couple of months.



a very nice person has donated $200 on paypal to purchase some and thank you!!! since the matts brand new are only about $25 each and we only need two..i will use the rest for canned dog food which we are almost out of and really need too!

Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, had Brent been aware you had this challenge with the dog door he could have looked at it while on site today.
Just a reminder that Brent is picking up the plastic and wooden batons for the windows this week. We will be on site on Remembrance Day and he intends to install the plastic at that time to help keep the heat in the main house.
FYI Brent took a look at the fence in the lower pasture where Emily broke through and he did do some repairs. It's definitely not Emily-proof but it is better.


We were thinking Sadie (approx 11 yr old aussie) was developing cushings as she was drinking so much water. Unrelated to that I switched her to a raw food diet and within a few months her coat got soft and shiny and she hardly drinks any water anymore. I honestly don't know if raw food diet helps cushings but thought I'd put this out there as an option.

Barbara T

Carol, if you find out how to keep Pappa John's tail warm, please pass along the info. My Toby, 10 year old Shih Tzu was diagnoised with Cushings 6 weeks ago. I can compensate for the loss of hair on his body with sweaters and coats, but his new rat tail has me stumped.

Thank you

Barbara DeMott

The thick, black rubber matting available at hardware stores can be cut off a huge roll to size. We have one covering our crawl space door and it has cut down escaped heat considerably. It is not expensive, but maybe would be tempting for chewing??


exactly 45 days till they start getting longer.
Maybe you need a few of those light bulbs that simulate actual daylight to put in the rooms where you personally spend the most time. I haven't used them but any write ups on them that I have read have all been positive.
For myself, I hate getting up in the dark more than having it get dark early. But where I am, we are about as far west as you can be in our particular time zone so it's not as bad in the late afternoon as it is in the morning. In the summer here it is light till well after 9:30 pm.
Someone is now making animal safe de-icing pellets... I have seen it at Petco. I don't know how practical it would be when you are doing an entire pasture as opposed to a driveway, but it is out there.
Be of good cheer... only 45 more days. :)


I just sent a donation so you can buy the kind of bath mat you know you need.
Sherlock is doing very well; still exhibits dopey puppy antics but endearing in his own goofy way.


Well, I just checked it, and it isn't actually rubber backing, but is very thick weave. I'll bring it up anyway, and if you can use it, that's fine.


Hi Carol - I have a spare rubber backed bath mat - will bring it up this morning with me.