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Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2011 guys do such an incredibly great job at everything..i have nothing more to ask for. re:poop. it is illegal to put animal waste in the we have a waste disposal company that comes to empty our poop buckets into a special septic system once a week (we need to ensure there are no rocks or sticks or other foreign matter as it screws up the companies septic system.) happened, he never came back plus i am pretty sure his dogs are outside when they are not home..this would not have been great for buddy cuz he is so old.

sharon...daisy-two's story. she came in from chilliwack animal ccontrol as an unclaimed stray. she had mammary tumours, dental disease and bladder stones plus she has degenerative spinal disease. she looks like a sweetie but really she is a bit of a hag..likes to pick on the little dogs when she is in a bad mood.

nancy: re: blind, senior, female aggressive yorkie. could be for a lot of reasons..maybe because of the past female attack he now distrusts females more as his blindness has increased? blind dogs are funny about their blindness...once they decide something is a threat to them..they never forget. it probably has more to do with his past experience and blindness then it does with his getting old.
can you re-train him? probably not...i wwould just pick him up whenever a female comes along.
re: breed guesses for hilda and nicky...hilda for sure has schnauzer in her...and since you pointed it out..nicky looks like he might have some in him too! good eye!

laura..our emergency plan is 911 and get any animals and people to safety. there are fire extinguishers in every would be a good idea for everyone to be well aware of where they are so in an emergency they know where to grab them.

curt:..ok..i am not so bright tonight..i don't understand the question!

cheryl and steph...Re: your old guy with degenerative spinal disease. usually the disease itself is not actually painful..mostly things just go numb..BUT usually they have arthritis also and that can be if getting up and down is stiff and slow and/or if they slip and fall..they probably hurt themselves secondary to the spinal disease fairly often simply due to their progessive weakness. i always do the following with these dogs routinely...cartrophen injections, metacam(NSAIDS), tramadol for good pain control and amitriptyline for both neuropathic pain AND to decrease anxiety because dogs with poor mobility and pain do not sleep well and are therefore seratonin deficient (which leads to more pain and more anxiety) and they feel vulnerable due to poor mobility which also increases their anxiety levels. generally their mobility levels increase with this med combo...but only for awhile.

barbara senior cat intro's...complex question. depends on the personalities of the cats...they may or may not ever get along...just like any cat. i keep all new cats seperate in cages or pens until they are eating, drinking, purring and asking to come out..then i open their doors and wait for them to come out. the pen or the cage stays open so they can go in or out as they need. in a family home, you can do the same thing except using a spare bedroom. 95% of our cats figure it out and blend in with the crowd...3% are grumpy pain in the asses and 2% never make the adjustment and have to live in quieter and more suitable to their sensitive needs areas. possible pain with your 16 yr old westie..could be pain related. my feeling is... getting into the extreme senior years is generally physically uncomfortable. i would probably try him on a good and thorough pain management program (see my answer to steph and cheryl!) for a few weeks and see if he improves significantly. if he does, then you know it was pain affecting his quality of life..if he doesn't then it might be something more serious.

bunny: sumo wrestling suits are needed... with the big barn guys, rough housing, while fun...encourages them to not be gentle and careful with humans..we need our big guys to be careful with us...humans are not toys.

there! i think i got you all!!!



Thanks Carol. I am worried about his weight loss and lack of appetite and thought that might be because of pain. Yesterday his doctor gave him the cartrophen injection. Hope he eats tonight.


may has a history of chronic bladder infections but not sure of their kidney histories...will know more when we get them in for bloodwork and checks. right now i just want them to settle in and relax.

i think basically their problem is two fold...A. they were bred to be intellectually challenged simply because their skull shape and size is deformed when compared to a normal cat and the brain is affected by the space that it has...and B...they were de-clawed whhich physically, mentally and emotionally messes up many cats and it usually shows up mostly in either biting, extreme shyness or chronic litter box issues.

and's early..not sure what you mean helga... what info are you looking for in the treatment of whose litter boxes?


Just watched a documentary on cats on the weekend and they mentionned different problems that these designer breeds have. Said that Persians often have kidney issues. Could that be part of Ollie and Maybelle's problem? Also, I need information about the proper treatment of the kitty litter boxes.

Carol poor little buggers are bred to look like that! they can't breathe properly..they can't eat properly..simply because some idiot thought cats with pushed in faces, collapsed nasal passages, and recessed jaws and foreheads that impinge on their actual brain capacity space... looked hey lets suck those damn faces in, mutate their skull shape and start a whole new poor head-crippled cat breed...they are like the flat faced overbred pugs of the bred to torture dog species..only someone decided to torture poor cats as well...these are purebred exotics (tammy read they are also called the lazy man's persians..flat, sucked in faces but no major coat/fur upkeep.)



I am wondering if the two new cats look the way they do because someone was doing some nasty breeding or if it is some genetic problem


the thing tho is not just finding good people to adopt any old is ensuring the old dog is the right dog for the home and the home is the right home for the old dog.

i know buddy is very happy with me, he practically worships me..but i am also sure he would be even more happy in a great "tailored to fit him specifically" home, with a very special person of his very own. he specifically needs an indoor home with a very kind and gentle retired person who can be with him most of the time..that is what he needs most so that is what we will try to find him.

even if a great home comes and absolutely loves him, i might still say he is not the right dog for the great home that they have..if they are still working and gone for many hours a day, if they want to leave him outside for part of the day, if they frequently travel and need to leave him in boarding kennels several times per year.....if they already have 3 or 4 dogs, or want him to live mostly in the kitchen away from the pure white rugs cuz his old bladder isn't as strong as it was or down in the family room because the stairs from the upstairs deck are too steep, or they have small children running thru the house constantly..they are still great people who can give some dog a great home..but none of that would really suit buddy..might suit some other dog perfectly..but it wouldn't be the right home for buddy.


thanks carol for the news i am sure buddy is very happy with you just wanted to know if it was going to work out. i guess i stupidly just hope they all find great homes. i can not see how these animals can not worm their way into peoples hearts, they do in mine