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how about a Q and A today???

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2011

i don't feel like posting this brain is in blah, blah land...

so if you have a question..feel free to post it and i will try to answer when i get home from work today!



lol...NO MORE INSULIN SYRINGES!!!! we literally have boxes and boxes and more freaking huge boxes of insulin syringes! no more or i might have to kill myself by sticking myself over and over and over with them!!!


these are unopened but unfortunately it is R. 12 vials:( but how about syringes?


we use humulin N..but not humulin R....and insulin is only good for 30 days after opening.


what do we (volunteers)not do that you wish we would? could we do better, if so, how? does it cost more to put all the poop in the garbage can rather than the poop buckets, as i understand that is a service as well? i know i am certainly guilty of scooping the outside back cat run and putting in the big garbage bin.


i was wondering what is happening with buddy. did that man ever come back that was interested in her


I was just looking at the pictures of the animals at SAINTS. Daisy Too is just an adorable girl. What's her story?


Our Yorkie/Maltese X senior male has been completely blind from cataracts for several years. He's suddenly (within a month or so) very aggressive to female dogs when we're out for our walks. Big or little, he can't see them, but turns into Cujo. With male dogs he is fine, visits with them and is completely docile. He is neutered. We're new to the neighbourhood, so the dogs he meets are all new. He's never been like this, although he had one experience several years ago where an unleashed female dog attacked him briefly in my kids' school yard. Would that be related? Do senior dogs get like this? Can you retrain blind seniors?

Also, is new Nicki the same breed as Hilda? They look quite similar. And how is Papa John after his skinny dip yesterday in the cold pond?


Our false fire alarm got me my work we have a to do list we grab in an emergency, cause in a state of panic it helps to have a list to follow. So my question is do we have a plan laid out in the event of an emergency? Especially cause besides you I know I'm on the security companies list. God forbid we every need it... but better to be prepared motto!


Lory ,my guy would pant when in pain and would lie near me and cry a little.His antibiotics caused him to loose his appetite so i would boil chicken breast for him and 1/2 a piece sometimes would also stimulate his appetite to eat his regular food.His appetite returned after he finished his medication.I truly hope Makenzie feels better.
Carol,i hope Joey is healing well and how is Rumple too?

cheryl and stef

Our 11 year old Lab / shephard X Rocky has spinal problems, diagnosed with degenerative spinal disease. Very incontinent. He is on Metacam only.

I want to make him as comfortable as possible and thought maybe you would know of another medication that would help along with the Metacam. He just has a bit of a hard time getting up happy dog until he has an accident then he feels very bad about it. Poor guy.

our other's 15 1/5 year old malamute X that has been diagnosed with Dementia, so on Anapril he is also deaf

then our little 12 year old JR deaf and not just JR deaf he is deaf. No med's he is a happy deaf JR LOL

New Decorating Idea, no tile floors, or hardwood floors, We have our floors decorated in INCONTINENCE PADS. IT IS A NEW STYLE. LOL

Barbara DeMott

How would you introduce another senior cat to a neutered senior cat who in his youth was a bully and now is somewhat mellow. what do you tell people if they adopt a cat and the two don't get along? Do they eventually?


Mackenzie is deaf, needs reading glasses, is incontinent, has the occational seizure - nothing you wouldn't expect with a 16 year old Westie. Lateley I have been wondering if he is having some pain but it is hard to read. He really doesn't want to go for a walk anymore, not that interested in playing with his toys, half the time doesn't want to eat, not even his cookies. I'm constantly struggling to find food he will eat. What works today may not tomorrow. His eyes have lost their twinkle.Could this be he is in pain?

Bunny Horne

No questions - just wanted to let you know that Brad was out yesterday and he was skipping, hopping and running about the riding ring. He is FAST. He was right on my butt after I let him out. He really wanted to play, but he doesn't realize that he's 700 lbs. I might have to invest in a sumo suit so that he can get some play time in.
Percy was licking my coffee thermos as I was leaving. I heard he likes Coke. So I opened it and he drank all the rest.... Emily smelled the coffee and bolted, but Mr. Percy is a fan of Tim Horton's double double. Go figure.