Rescue Journal

it was psycho cat city around here last night!

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2011

monty had a pain episode and that is always upsetting for both of us. his primary vet is back from an extended vacation in a couple of weeks..that is my target date for final decisions surrounding the current treatment he is getting....five weeks was plently of time to give the meds a good chance.

sad sam is still hiding but now i can see his whole little face looking out from under his blankie and he is coming out and eating each night so we are making progress...slowly but surely. sometimes these freak out cats take a VERY long time.

someone accidently shut rocky into my bathroom the time i found him he had knocked everything off of the counters and shelves and peed and pooped in my bathtub...oh fer chrissakes, what a freaking disasterous mess that i had to clean up and bleach down before i could have a hot bath...NOT yay!

and i always know when the back cats feel they got ripped off on the amount of canned food that they had during the day...they literally mob me in the hallway!

of course it is utter hysterical hungry cat bullshit cuz every freaking dry food bowl is still quite full...but that matters not to them..the quality of their day is measured by how full their bellies are with canned food.

within 20 minutes of putting out enough canned food to feed an entire army of starving to mental melt-down cats..they are all soundly sleeping in their happy cat beds.

there is a formula for how much to feed the back area cats....2 hours after feeding there has to be some canned food left in each of the three large communal bowls..then they absolutely believe that they were actually fed.

and no psycho cat day is ever complete without at least one incident of conan the barbarian cat spraying within 3 inches of me. he thinks it is important to share with an audience his utter enjoyment of decorating my walls with cat pee.