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my deep thought for the day.

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2011

i was driving home for lunch along the highway and was passing a big, loaded semi truck on the wet road. the truck was shooting up water on to my car..the speed limit on the highway is 80 km an hour and because i was passing him..i was going was safe, it was legal, it was passing another vehicle in dicey road conditions, responsibly inside my personal driving comfort zone.

halfway thru the passing, rambo launched his silver SUV behind me and started BLARING his horn because i was in his way, stuck between a giant semi and the center cement highway barrier.
once i was barely past the semi..he just about took off my back end and the semi's front end to scoot over into the right hand lane and as he sped past me, still blaring his horn, he was hanging out his window screaming and giving me the finger because apparently i am the stupid one here?

anyway..i am hoping that man does not have a wife, or kids, or a dog cuz with that kind of angry and flaming temper, he would be very unpleasant to have to live with.
and second of all it occurs to me....

when we have that kind of rage inside us about ANYTHING, that fans out and blames someone else...then i think we should take a deep breath and look deep inside ourselves instead...cuz maybe the real problem is there.
i hope that guy makes it home safe and doesn't kill anyone along the way.



Yes I've driven with you a few times also. Remember the time the horse and buggy overtook you.


oh just wondering nicole,if you have decided on a name for our mr puglsey. if so we could start calling him the new name now. it might make it easier on all involved. glad you are taking him. he is a very lucky dog.


i have driven 100 km/hr on the number there. and i was going 90 cuz A i was passing the semi and gaining on him too! and B..when the guy was honking at me i actually looked!


um, no offense but having driven with you on many occasions i don't believe that you have ever driven 90 km/hr.


I agree with Sharon, there is no need for that when you are clearly behind a semi. I say WTF to him


if you could get his plate #, I believe he can be charged for aggressive driving. They do have a big campaign on re: this