Rescue Journal

finger farts

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2011

the problem with writing a post that folks like (like the freaking coffee cup fiasco) is it raises the bar on what i should/could write and suddenly writing becomes a a planned and well thought out chore working towards art instead of a spontaneous (but true) fart in the dark.

and since i happen to actually like writing for various reasons..(but mostly because it isn't any actual work unless one wishes to become a "writer")..then it becomes unpredictable..some days the story is good...some days the storyline is boring and sucks...kind of like real life does.

i never sit down at this computer and try to think about what to to write it...or if readers will actually like what i write, i just write it.
sometimes when i am done...i actually really like it (like the peaceable kingdom post) but no one else probably does...or you guys like it (like the coffee cup post) which to me was really just a few days of wasted frustration of me being ineffectual in performing the simplest of tasks.

there are a thousand different reasons why a thousand different people write blogs...some use it as an art medium to create something beautiful and meaningful that lasts. some use it as a useful tool to practice their writing skills on the rocky road to writerhood....some want to change the world..some want to impress the world and some write to share their view of the world.

i like to write cuz it gives me some way to chronicle my days and help me to remember shit...(the search button is pretty damn handy to find something that i have forgotten!) and i like to write cuz it gives me something to do when i sit down in my computer chair with my two typing fingers free....(i am just so not into computer games like solitaire.)

but it is a crap shoot on what comes out...something funny, or sad, or moving or thought provoking...or..... utterly worthlessly stupid and boring.

actually reading what i write is a risk..and not even i know what is going to be farting out of these two typing is like they have a mind of their own....and somedays they just have a lot of gas!



And that is precisely why I read your blog every single day. Like life, you never know what you're gonna get.

Write on!