Double Double Scotiabank one day MEGA bake sale Dec 2

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2011

Here is the Bake Sale Poster! If you would like a copy to post or send to friends send me an email at and I will be happy to email you one.


More Info:

This a one day mega Bake sale is one of our largest single-day fundraising events. It manages each year to raise an incredible amount of much needed funds. Last year I think raised over $10K :) wowzers.

Q:How do you manage to raise so much money?

A: Because Scotiabank in Mission matches everything we can raise. So we need you all to help by baking up a storm and encouraging people to buy their holiday baking Dec 2. The more baked goods we have to sell the more money to raise, the more money to match, the more money. Period. Anyone thinking about making a straight donation to SAINTS anytime soon should make it at the bake sale because it will be doubled!

Q: Who do we contact to donate baking goods?

A: SAINTS volunteer and Sociabank employee, Laura B. is organizing the sale. Ask your friends and family to bake and buy and email Laura for more info about when and where to drop off your baked goods: She will take care of the selling part


Bunny Horne

Laura, I posted your poster on my facebook page this morning and got a message from a friend that she will donate $25 to the bake sale. I am going to buy Ali's pet cookies with my money (sorry Alison) and re-donate them to some of the impoverished people on Vancouver's east side. I'm looking for extra Karma points this holiday season.
When you figure out the pricing of Alison's spectacular cookies let me know so I can give you my commitment and give Alison my order.


So if I can't attend but would like to make a donation that will be doubled, can I do it through paypal and just call it 'bake sale'. I'd be happy if someone bought goods with the donation that they then shared with others (the SAINTS)...would that be possible?

Bunny Horne

Laura, how much are Alison's yummy pet-ible edible cookies going to sell for?

Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, Jenn et al, don't forget that there is an event at FETCH A BONE HOLISTIC PET STORE & BAKERY in Pitt Meadows on December 3rd. It's their Christmas Pet Photo with "the Grinch" event. Brent and I will be in attendance representing Saints and providing information on Saints as well as the AVIVA Challenge, which will commence on the 5th.
I understand that partial proceeds will be donated to SAINTS RESCUE. Can someone contact Lisa Davies to see if she has a poster that can get featured on the blog.
Also, Jenn/Sheila - do you have a copy of the AVIVA information that you want us to use for this event. I can make copies from my end.

Bunny Horne

Alison, what is the price so I can figure out how many cookies you have to ice with yummy frosting.


Sure I'll make some, let me know how many you want Bunny. I'll make a couple batches for the sale.

Bunny Horne

Just wanted to know if Miss Alison is baking animal shaped cookies for this event. If so I will gladly preorder the cookies and arrange pick up from her and my bucks will go to the Bake Sale so we can get the Scotia Bank match.