Rescue Journal

Pilate Molly

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2011


mollie came to saints back in 2007..this is what we wrote on her bio page when she came in...

mollie is around 15 or 16 years old. she weighs 4.4 pounds. she was running loose in new westminster and was so afraid it took the animal control staff almost a week to catch her. she has very badly abcessed teeth and needs to have most of them removed which will happen sometime next week and her kidneys are not great either, but she does the very best pilates fitness routine that is hilarious to watch. and she once in awhile decides she is a really tough and big dog and suddenly starts chasing the cats...that is funny too because they are all twice her size.

she was one of my favorite dogs because not only did she make me laugh a lot but because she was a tough and fiesty thing who took no crap from anyone.

she was not here for long before chris, deb and angelina took her home. there this tiny 4 pound wonder conquered and took over their hearts and home.

for a little and terrified senior, running the streets of new westminster eluding capture to the fiesty and funny drama queen, little molly was overflowing with determination and character.
she was a very lucky girl to become so well loved and so very safe within the hearts of her senior life family.
chris told me molly passed away within angelina's arms...she knew she was treasured, she knew she was loved, she knew she was forever safe from any harm.

thank you guys for loving her and giving her such a wonderful home.

here is a link to chris's blog for molly's real life story and what her loss means to all of them.


Bunny Horne

OMG your baby girl was adorable. She is lucky to have had a loving home to go to in her later years. Condolences on your loss.


It seems so many times we write on this blog that we are sorry to hear of a death of a loved family member and each time it is so true and heartfelt. I am so sorry to hear you have lost your little Molly.


So sorry Angelina.
I had a black pom, Rowdy, many years ago. He was a feisty guy - he had to because he lived in a house with 5 malamutes. I always considered them a malamute in miniature as they were tough, independent and thought they could rule the world.