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Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2011

the house dryer broke yesterday afternoon. that sucked. so we asked brent to switch it out with the spare over in the shop. he took off doors, lifted and moved machines in and out...we plugged in the spare and...oh yeah..we switched the spare out last time around cuz it didn't work any more.

note to myself..either fix or get rid of spare broken dryers so we don't keep trying to use them when they are already broken....big freaking ooops.

bad time to be down a house is short and i am working for the next 5 days. for now we will have to haul laundry over to the shop...and maybe we can somehow string up some inside laundry lines with ropes over there to hang stuff to dry so we don't get too far behind. i will look at it on my lunch break today. is just another clue that things are going to be bit tougher around here for the next little while.

if i try hard to look at the positive side? maybe our electricity bill will be lower? hope floats...i think.

i always find it quite amazing that someone can actually poop right next to my computer chair (while i am in it) and i don't see who it was. it is like we have an invisible pooping dog that i don't know is just freaking weird.

joey started screaming again yesterday...he was off all meds and feeling great for the past few days. apparently whatever he injured before, he re-injured again. i told him that is what you get for being a fat mafia boy..if you overstretch out of shape muscles it freaking hurts.

i will probably be euthanizing snickers this week...he is still feeling ok....alert, happy...busy and eating but he looks like shit. we are pretty sure the cancer is in his chest tho so i have to do something before a respiratory crises hits. i will talk to the vets today about how to do this because nicole says that just putting him into a crate to take him in could stress him into a crises (he hates going into crates and to the vets.)

the new cat tristie has already bitten tammy, she was enjoying getting her head rubbed and then...poof, her teeth were buried in tammy's hand...did i not write yesterday that she was here cuz she is a cranky calico cat?
anyway..i am glad it was tammy cuz tammy doesn't care. sam whom she adopted from us years ago bites her all the time and she still thinks he is the nicest and best cat in the world!

note to all cats...if you absolutely have to bite someone..bite tammy cuz she will take the blame, make up a good excuse for you AND will still like you...don't bother biting me cuz i will just think you are being an asshole.

i saw dix early saturday morning...nothing new to report...she is still looking good. i just had a quick visit and gave her a couple of apples before rushing back to start the day.

oh is after 7...i better get dressed for work!



I would prefer to have things by Thursday Dec. 1st. You can drop off right at the Scotiabank 1st ave Mission between 9:30-4:00. Also for anyone leaving things at Saints I will do 1 final pick up Thur. night. If Friday Dec 2nd is the only day you can drop off then try and have it there early I`m there at 8am
You can e-mail me with any other questions


Bake sale question: When will the cutoff be to drop off baked goods? And is it easiest to drop off at SAINTS or directly to the bank? I'll got a few people baking for us so I'll delivery it all together.

Bunny Horne

Laura / Alison - I've got $25 from a coworker for Alison-cookies. I don't know how many cookies that will get. I will bring the money on Sunday when I come out for my volunteer duties. The funds are to be directed to the SCOTIA BANK BAKE SALE. Laura you will likely be able to find me playing scavenger hunt for apples with Brad so make sure you find me.


anyone who is donatiing monthly..either as an animal sponsor or as a 1000 saints is already supporting our monthly expenses. it won't make any financial difference to us if all of the animal sponsors jump ship and over to 1000 saints or visa versa..the money is all used for the same keep us afloat every month. so if you are already an animal sponsor you are already helping us.


I've always had a biter in my home in fact you supplied one of them didn't you Carol ;) ha ha (RIP Jenny Two).


Can you simply send post-dated cheques for the 1000 Saints rescue campaign?


And -- I'm already donating $25.00 a month via CanadaHelps. Do those of us doing this 'count' as part of the 1000 total needed for some kind of sustainability/stability? thanks!

Bunny Horne

Tammy can handle getting bitten - she has tough skin she's acquired from her workplace.

OFF TOPIC - I hope Maggie can answer this for me - I was speaking with a co-worker, who has donated to SAINTS Rescue in the past, who is interested in becoming one of your 1000 Saints. She doesn't do PayPal and like myself, wants to ensure that every penny she directs towards SAINTS Rescue goes directly to SAINTS - not admin fees for PayPal so she would like to issue cheques for her monthly donations until such time as SAINTS can auto-deduct from her bank account.

1. Is this an option? I assume it would be.
2. To whom's attention should the cheques be directed to, mailing address etc OR can they be dropped at SAINTS Rescue on one of my volunteer shifts.
3. Are tax receipts issued at the end of each calendar year for the donations?

Thanks for your help Maggie.


Yes Sam is the greatest cat, just a little misunderstood with some screwed up wiring. As for Tristie, nice girl. She was really enjoying her Temptation treats and growling at the same time. Reminds me of a healthier Cali. Should be interesting with the two of them in there.