Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2011

first of all...i apparently sucked at guessing how much i should have paid on my shaw bill last month and did not pay enough and then i was late this month so they cut me off. internet access for 24 hours...that pretty much sucked.

and then tonight, even tho i did pay the bill on my lunch break and i was hooked back up...i spent the last 2 hours snuggled in bed with the buddies watching the Xfactor which i totally love...yay!

anyway..yes jan..if someone can go and get the dryer and bring it out..we would be grateful to have it as another back up. we no longer need a primary dryer because maggie bought us one today and it is being delivered tomorrow...thank you so much maggie and another big yay!

lynne has been buying us the canned dog food this week AND coming up and taking the laundry home each day so another thank you to lynne and another huge yay!

helga this week has been buying the very expensive royal canin baby cat food for the cats who really need it in the medical room and a couple of really kind folks have sent in some cheques to help us over this a couple of more gynormous yays to you all!

these past couple of weeks have been pretty damn stressful and the challenge will continue yet for a bit. once i get the xmas letter written and sent out and the bake sale happens things should get better for a bit. part of me is so grateful to you guys for stepping up and helping us out. the other part of me (who feels like a begger and a pretty damn lowlife) is shamed and so very sorry that i let things snowball down on us all.

i will be cutting more staff hours next week and i am buying the barn feed. i think we can squeeze thru with the basic absolute necessities over the next few weeks if i am really careful...just please no more unexpected things like broken appliances or possibly messed up electrical stuff.

the fire alarm went off in the barn again today (man! i am SO glad we have a monitered fire alarm system... as soon as the alarm goes off the company phones me straight away at work!) and we have a broken breaker out there that just happened yesterday so i am worried that we have a dangerous wiring problem happening out there. i called the electrician...he can't come before friday which is fine with me because i don't get paid until friday anyway. until then we will turn off all of the breakers and cut the electricity completely until we get everything cleared for safety.

laura took little fostered kristy into the vets today..those lumps in her lymph nodes are getting bigger. the vets called and might still be a left over infection so they sent her home with antibiotics but they also asked for permission to send a sample off in case it is cancer so i said ok to that because we need to know.

coco puff is feeling better.
cocoa's ears are better but he still has diarrhea so i picked up some flagyl for him from the vets and we will see if that helps.
when colleen was here to put snickers down...she looked at benny and cliff and gave us some recommendations for them. benny has already started on the cartrophen injections and i picked up a depo injection for cliff so hopefully he too will feel better soon.
tristie has been swiping routinely at the staff..she was pretty damn nice to me tonight when i showed her the temptation bag.
everyone else seems to be doing ok...papa john and fergus got into a minor, verbal, non violent argument over a toy while we were watching xfactor...fergus won and he never gets to win so he was happy about that.
i think joey is not screaming today so that is good too.
and the monolithic morons..june and pugsley, ripped the shit out of something while we were watching xfactor..not sure what it was cuz it is in so many little peices it is too hard to tell.

anyway...some good things have been happening as well as some not so great and that is pretty damn normal for life at saints.



LYNNE Could you email the lady with your phone # at regarding the dryer.


diana..the temptation is to take that dryer too..but since i am sending the two we already have off for possible repair..not sure if we will need it... (if the one jan found comes)4 possible spares are too many to store.

can i let you know by the weekend, once i know if our two are cheaply fixable again or should be just tossed?


the fortis bills are here, they came yesterday and i opened them and actually looked!...and we are good..both are still in a credit balance from my last guessing game...haven't seen hydro..i wonder if mj has them and the only shaw bill i ever saw was the disconnection notice that came the day before they cut me off which i hadn't opened...duh.

this is not your fault, i am the person responsible who sucks with paper stuff and you asked me about the bills last week and i forgot to look.


Good idea, I am going to do that for Brad today. Has anyone else noticed that when Brad is done in the riding ring he goes back in his house and closes his gate.

Ann C

Hey Carol I am supposed to be your back up for the personal bills so that makes me responsible for the cut off!! I have no excuse I should have caught this for you so this is my public apology.I don't know what's happening to the mail as I am not getting the current bills so if you are there on Sat maybe we can take a look together as I don't have either the Fortis or Hydro bills and we don't need those services cut off! Also don't forget the paperwork you wanted me to sort out for you.

Bunny Horne

Carol, MO & KO, I will bring some fruits on Sunday for the barn guys. I know you have apples and carrots but I will bring some bananas and some strawberries for the dudes.
Also I'll bring some stuff so we can do a BRAD Pitt scavenger hunt again. MO's suggestion last Sunday was super it took Brad about 30 minutes to find all his treats and he had fun scampering around the riding ring. Do 700lb pigs scamper? Brent has to work on Brad's new stall this Sunday so we will really have to entertain Brad while the work is being done.

LAURA / ALLISON - I've got $75 for Allison's cookies for the bake sale. I don't know how many cookies this will get me - you guys have to figure out that out. I will give Alli some bags on Sunday for the cookies so they can be packed as singles. The plan is to hand out the cookies on Vancouver's east side - that's if I don't eat them all myself first. Laura, I will give you the money on Sunday as I won't be back on site until Sunday December 4th.


my neighbors have bought a new washer and dryer and asked if you want the dryer. It works fine.