Rescue Journal

it was a good day...

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2011

cold but clear..the snow and ice is still here but i filled up and set out the de-icer buckets so we are set to go. i will be freaking out over pops this winter, i am just so afraid he will slip and fall.

apparently brad pitt pig was pretty damn cute today...he found a patch of sunlight in the riding ring and was snoozing away on his feet. i believe he is settling down...not so frantic for company. might be the neuter or it just might be that he is finally realizing he really does have a very large family...even if we won't let them in the same area with him....anyway i think he is emotionally calmer, not so wound up all of the time.

we moved crosby into the rabbit room for the winter..she is not too happy about it but i think she is far too old and frail of a turkey to be out there in the cold since we can't heat her little house. if we get the new barn yard bird area grant we applied for, she will be able to stay in the chicken/duck/turkey area in all kinds of weather and be completely safe and comfortable.

the ice and frozen lumpy mud at bedtime was really hurting poor ellie's feet...she looked totally miserable when she was heading in but cheered up considerably when her feet finally made it into the barn....she even gave wilbur (the pot belly pig) a nose kiss as he was leaving her stall.

benny was pretty upset today..he wanted to go out for a walk to the field but i said no cuz his knee is still weak.

i had to laugh when jenn came and got me and said no one could clean tristie's holding pen. that cat is such a prime bitch..growling and slashing and carrying on....for no other reason than she is pissed off. so typical of calico's whose worlds are turning over and over and over again...they are bound and determined to make EVERYONE pay. anyway..i got her done up quickly without a drop of my blood being shed (A. i am smarter than her and B. when i am paying attention my reaction time is equal to hers and C. i am not afraid of her..i just figure out how to keep her teeth and claws out of my flesh)...i am used to dealing with really pissed off and bitchy cats...i have lived with enough of the buggers.

tristie will eventually settle...AND tone down to just normally cranky from her current homicidal.

i don't know if i have said it lately...but i really love tess. she may be fat, crippled and lazy but that dog has a demanding spirit and a big freaking brain in her head...AND.... i really love esther because esther is not a pain in the ass!

ok...time to relax.



Oh my little turkey girl will be nice and toasty this winter. I just love her and her turkey ways.


can Pops get special shoes for the winter with little "nubs" on the bottom kind of like baseball cleats that would dig into the snow and ice? I think they put those on the bottoms of soccer shoes and I know the pro tennis players who play on the clay at the French Open have nubby soles on their shoes to give them traction on that particular surface.


not really penny...just the same stuff as the bunnies...fresh shavings food and water...her food is in the container on the shelf over her pen.

she can have a walk about in the rabbit room aisle if she wants tho.

she is a very gentle and sweet turkey...oh and she is blind on one side.


Hi Carol - is there anything I should know about cleaning and feeding Crosby tomorrow on my shift? I know absolutely nothing about turkeys, but am willing to give it a try!!!


and i really felt for benny, the other dogs went out through the gate and he just sat down there, hoping someone was going to let him through. he is such a gentle giant and so very very sweet. i hope his leg gets better soon and he can go play with the other dogs down at the field.


yes tess is really sweet and esther is a good girl. nigel was giving me big puppy kisses today,and because he is soooo big i sometimes forget he is just a puppy, except when he snuggles you and looks at you with his beautiful eyes and is so puppyish in his ways. he really is a beautiful, goofy utterly loveable puppy. he so wants to be a snuggle buggle .