Rescue Journal

i hope this winter flies by as fast as the rest of the year did!

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2011

winter at saints

i thought it was supposed to be warming up why the heck is it snowing again???

the opportunity arose yesterday to introduce brad and ellie together in the riding ring. the opportunity presented because ellie wanted in fully knowing that brad was out and about. i figure ellie is a very smart pig and if she thought brad was ok to hang out with...being a pig herself...she ought to know.

it went fine for the first 10 minutes..neither one seemed to care that the other was there. but when she went into the barn, brad went in after her and hit her in the ass hard with his giant pig head. ellie started screaming and stumbling to get the heck out. brad started to go after her, but laura contained him for the (long) time it took me to get the highly offended ellie back out.

brad apparently just is not into making animal far it is a no go with both pigs and cows. i doubt we will try him again with anyone else....if he wants to spend his life on his own with just humans for friends i guess he can have what he wants. and... it occurs to me that ellie is far too trusting. she may be a royal pink princess to us but to brad the oafish commoner... she is just another gawd damn pig....brad is really not overly bright.

i did tell him last night that he better be careful...ellie is pretty damn special to me and he really does not want me pissed at would be best not to upset our pink princess again.

oh and i found out why ellie was not cooperating at bedtime...apparently ko was laying down blankets on the cold ground for her to walk on. so last night while she sat there and looked highly interested in coming to bed but would not move her ass..i think she might have been waiting for me to lay down the magic carpets for her to walk upon.

as much as i love that pig..that is not happening...even princess pigs can walk on the ground like everyone else.

one of the dogs in the kitchen vomitted last night and had significant diarrhea...just can't seem to catch a glimpse of who it is. everyone seems perfectly fine so i hope it is nothing to worry about.

today i AM going to write the xmas letter..i have been so bogged down with worry that i didn't even bother to try...but i think i am moving into a more positive frame of mind... if i can get frustrated by goats and pigs at bedtime it must mean that comparatively speaking...the other stuff is not quite so bad anymore?

it was a great dinner out last night..i keep forgetting how utterly adorable lady and lippy are. new rule to the future..all wonderfully sweet and adorable animals are not for adoption, just the pain in the asses are.

my name is tristie and i AM for adoption...come closer so i can whack the shit out of you!!!

(jenn posted a whole bunch more great photos in the facebook album!)



I am so very sorry about Scrappy. I always loved both his story and his photo with his tattered little ears.


Scrappy is eating somewhat. He is probably eating less than 1/2 a can a day and it needs to be watered down so that he can eat it. He isn't sleeping well but is moving around and interacting with us. He has developed a cat cold due to the stress on his body. Scrappy was also diagnosed with a hyper?? thyroid and cushing disease (which may be associated with the tumour). We are giving him a couple more days to see how his quality of life is progressing but if he doesn't eat, there is no quality.


I went to facebook to look at all the fab-fotos... thank you for the one of the Zig-meister, little bundle of cuteness that he is!
Silver is an absolutely stunning cat. Is he as sweet as he is beautiful? And if so, why on earth is he still waiting for his own home?
How is Jelly doing since she came back? OK, I hope?


I was cuddling Sam on Sunday, and he was purring and kneading my sweater with his paws. He's finally getting confident - he's a sweetheart.


Can you email an attachment of the Christmas letter when it is finished so I can print off and mail to our donors attached the fundraisers.



Thanks Helga,

You just described the scenario perfectly or should I say purfectly...


That was probably Ollie. Had a nice snuggle session with him this morning. Maybelle mostly lies curled up in her box under the table. And one lovely thing today was that Sam came out of his hideyhole for some loving. First time I've seen anything more than his face peeking out from under the blanket. He is a BIG sleek beautiful boy.


Spent some time with Ollie & Maybelle yesterday, not sure who was on my lap but, I must say the cat sure wanted to be fussed & was full of love


Tristie is a beautiful cat. However she can move like a ninja and snag you if you are standing too close to her pen.
She is easily distracted with Temptation treats.