Rescue Journal

on late night shift tonight and early shift in the morning and...

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2011

i freaking well can't sleep.

minnie pearl however is resting comfortably..i sent the little guys up into the laundry area to sleep because i have food and water set up right next to pearl in the kitchen. she might not be feeling great tonight but she is not dead and if one of them tried to sneak a drink or a snack i am pretty sure she would still bite them.

i was thinking i probably shouldn't be calling the dogs dick heads on the blog so much..but i hope folks know i do it with a great deal and love and respect for them. at least i don't blog constantly about how dick headed the occasional person can be..haha..probably because i don't have much love or respect for dick headed people so why would i want to think about them one moment more than necessary!

my mom always said you can tell more about a person by what they say about others...i wonder if the same is true about you say about dogs? i also remember reading somewhere that you can actually tell your child that they are a gawd awful monster and if you say it with a voice and a heart full of love..they will only hear the love. and you can tell your child that they are an absolute perfect little angel but if you are full of resentment and anger when you say it, they will feel the hurtful lie inside of your kind words.

we also sometimes think that if we bluntly just speak out the truth..that makes us brave, honest and strong. i suppose it depends on what truth we think we are it the truth that we are feeling or believing or is it the truth that i am right and you are stupid and wrong? the first is dialog, the second is simply to knock someone down.

i don't think i would convince too many of you of how wonderful, enlightened and far seeing i am if i do it by littering my vicinity with a bunch of verbally beaten up bodies. i think that would just tell you i was pissed off and angry...not too much enlightend being in that. and i was in an unenlighted bad mood when i did head off to bed..i yelled at fergus and tina to shut the hell up and i did it without very much is a good thing fergus is pretty much deaf and tina can't hear me yelling when she is screaming non stop i think i am safe from hurting their feelings...anyway..i hope i am. did i get on to this shit now?..i was talking about lovingly dissing dick headed dogs not about screaming at them when they piss me off!

maybe i better try to sleep is only 3 and a half hours til i get up for work again.


Ann C

Bunny you are too funny, love the Lady CaCa! Hope Minnie is feeling better today, love her to bits, hugs from me.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I don't think "monster" has the same meaning today as it did when we were kids. Lady Gaga lovingly calls her devoted fans "little monsters" and she is Mother Monster. Paws up forever. Could it be that you are Saints Rescue's Lady Gaga - and most of your little monsters have 4 legs. Hmm - after all the poop those guys left in the riding ring last weekend might be that you are Lady CaCa. We all know you LOVE those little monsters to bits. PAWS UP FOREVER Carol.