Rescue Journal

sadly i have had to cancel pugsley's adoption by nicole due to possible future abuse

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2011

this morning i found this picture of shrek on her facebook page(there is also a photo of past saint harvey dressed up as a bumble bee!)

poor shrek.



yes please caylee! and can you bring papa john's eye drops refill too please??? i keep forgetting to pick them up!!!!!!


Carol, do you want me to bring out Marvin's convenia injection on Sunday?


really i have to agree with you carol, this is pure and simple animal abuse. we do know nicole that you like to dress your animals up, much like jenn likes to put coats on her animals. what really is in store for our loveable oaf. but knowing him he would go along with it quite willingly so there you go. have fun dressing nigel up and post us pics. lol

Bunny Horne

This dog photo must be good luck - an Ex-Toronto ARGO is in town for the Grey Cup - working for TSN or something like that. He was just making a presentation in our offices to a foods buyer. He saw some of my rug hooking projects and was told I hook them to help raise money for SAINTS. He wants to commission a project for his office. Don't know how big or how much it will be, but that will be $$$$ that can go to SAINTS - hey, hasn't Buddy been heard to howl "ARGOS"????

Bunny Horne

Carol, Maggie & Sheila, I emailed Barking Babies a week ago and they just responded. They would LOVE to have a representative from SAINTS attend their event on December 7th. Since they are in Yaletown and I am in the west end of Vancouver this is do-able. They want brochures etc. I will have the same documents available for this event as the Pitt Meadows event - AVIVA Challenge, 1000 SAINTS and the Saints Brochure. The organizer said they are also doing a blanket drive at the end of December for SAINTS as well. They wanted to know if one of our senior dogs that are available for adoption could attend as well, but I advised that was not practical/possible.


haha, just wait for the next cat photo.
I'm going to have to sew NIGEL's costumes as he's as big as a horse and i have enough trouble finding ones that fit shrek.