Rescue Journal

i am too old for this shit.

Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2011

tonight i am absolutely fed up with it all. i freaking hate weekends..i rush around, lose time off my much needed pay cheque so i can get home before dark to feed and settle the barn. i have to tell monty who i will probably lose this week that i am sorry i cannot cuddle you tonight because there is a mountain of laundry that i have to get thru before bed. the house absolutely and totally gaggingly stinks from a dozen loads of urine soaked bedding percolating in here for the last few hours and it is not going to smell any better til midnight when all of the laundry is done.
and this is no one's fault..i am sure the volunteers put a ton of laundry thru but today for some reason there was just too much. and i honestly do not think the volunteers should have to take that stinky, foul smelling linen home to wash in their nice clean, family friendly machines either.

so what am i going to do?..i am cutting the staff hours back to bare bones minimum on the weekdays and adding weekend laundry shifts in.

and i am going to ask EVERYONE to please not only be careful with what you throw in the laundry (cuz if it only needs to be shaken and re-folded it is still clean and usable.)..i am going to ask folks again to not put out carpets, to not put out multiple layers on everything, every freaking place that some animal might just possibly think they want to be for 5 minutes. it is getting beyond is bordering on insanity, the amount of laundry that goes thru those machines every day.

next weekend i am on afternoon shift and there is no way i can deal with all of this when i don't get home til after 10pm so hopefully by then i will have a laundry schedule in place so all i need to worry about is getting the barn guys, mp room and house guys fed, med'd and settled for bed on my dinner break.

and monty did get his cuddle cuz i am NOT carrying that guilt to my grave.



lol you are need your days off...i am not risking breaking you cuz that would totally suck BIG time! i usually can get home for a break before dark and if i can't laura has on many occasions been the barn back up.


I was kidding about the prison. Too bad, though, what a brilliant idea! Except for the contamination part.


no one will do animal soiled linens,it is considered a health risk.,,not even the prisons.
not to worry brenda..i just put the last load in so we are caught up. the issue is we have reached the point of needing a dedicated and assigned laundry only person 7 days per week at least until we can get our usage under control.


Too bad you couldn't ship the laundry to the prison up the road every morning and then have it shipped back every night. I bet they've got lots of heavy duty machines, and I'm pretty sure they've got a few people sitting around looking for stuff to do. Just a thought.


Sorry Carol - I pushed thru as much laundry as I could today - and it still kept piling up! We really did not put anything in that did not need to be changed - but there was constant overflowing urine puddles on the beds that we could not contain - and because of the weather the dogs could not be out long in the pouring rain. How is Minnie Pearl? - we were all very cocerned about her today - really not herself - very sad to see.