Rescue Journal

it was a pig's day afternoon.

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2011

steve and randy are hard at work on wills and charlottes new home. luckily the shavings delivery truck arrived first thing this morning so steve was right away able to see a big pig pen placement problem and figure out a workable solution.
i did a quick intro with the pigs and some of the barn guys..percy was a bit of a dick head, he started pushing wills with his freaking bucket sized head and wills ran screaming to me so i would give percy shit which i did!

i let the pigs wander around in the back yard for awhile...they were so interested! at one point lottie came over to my lawn chair for a butt rub and then she sat herself down by my knee for a minute....just like a giant pink dog! i gave them some hay and ellie wanted some too so i gave some to her. OMG ellie is just so freaking cute. she carried that mouthful of hay back to her house and then went to bed!

the vets came and gave lottie her anti-pregnancy injection so at least now i can quit worrying about baby pigs once and for all.

anyway,,,it was a warm and sunny pig afternoon...the only one not too happy was brad pitt. he thought if those little pigs could be out and about so should he...but lottie and wills are not ill-mannered mack truck head swinging morons like he sometimes is!

too bad pitt-head... get nice and foster some social grace then you can come out on a sunny pig afternoon like everyone else!