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open throat.

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2011

i try not to get angry but some days i do.

minnie pearl died homeless in a shelter because her family got pissed off at each other, went thru an ugly divorce and tossed minnie pearl back and forth like a freaking basketball..."i want her, fine you take her, no i changed my mind, i don't want her so now you take her..well i don't want her either..ok fine whatever, i don't care what you do.. just dump her at the SPCA."
for fourteen years that dog loves them and that's what she gets???

and then there is monty..i bet whoever took that tiny kitten home, told him they would love him forever. but 8 months later he was unneutered and living out on the street just trying to stay alive. who lost him or left him and didn't go looking or even care that he was out there alone? who was too freaking cheap or lazy or incompetent to even get him neutered at six months old? do you actually think they even think about he scratched to survive for a couple of years, became infected with FIV and spent the rest of his life with intermittent mouth agony...and finally died before he was barely 5 years old????

we just have to get our heads out of our asses. these animals are not peices of wood to take in and toss out when we de-junk our lives. i understand that sometimes life throws some pretty hard hitting curve balls but for goodness sakes there is absolutely no excuse to not know yourself well enough to know if you can cope with the responsibility of another beings life.

i am sick to death of the fantasy seekers, the transient lovers, the give-me takers who will not shed one or two drops of real sweat to responsibly care for a life.

if you absolutely cannot step up to the plate..if you just don't have the strength of will to figure things out and make them work..then don't go out and get an animal that you are going to betray as soon as the going gets tough or the animal becomes inconvenient.

one of my coworkers told me last week that her room mate tossed her cat across the room after the cat had pissed in his shoes. i said a couple of things..the first being absolutely NEVER treat an animal in any way that you would never treat a child. so if it is not ok to throw kids across the room for any reason even if they too piss in a shoe..then it is not ok to toss the cat either. and secondly..i can tell you right now why that cat pissed in those shoes..either he is sick or he is stressed and for both of those things he needs a bit of compassion and care to get thru it.

so guess what? if a child can't live on a chain in the back yard...neither can the family dog. if the child cannot be dumped into a shelter when the family moves to another province..then the cat should be safe. if you would not let your teenager indiscriminately breed all over the place..then the cat and dog shouldn't either..if the child needs and gets dental work or medical care..then so should the family pet. if you wouldn't let your kid suffer with lice, then don't make the cat or the dog suffer with fleas. and if you wouldn't let your unsocialized kid run loose and bite other kids in the sandbox, then please do not take your unsocialized dog to an off leash dog park.

having pets is not rocket is pure and simple common sense. so why the heck are the shelters so full?
one reason only...if the numbers of homeless, unaltered, abandoned, neglected, abused animals are any indication..the vast majority of the human race are selfish, thoughtless, careless, stupid and cruel.



There are always going to be uncaring and irresponsible people in the world. The key is to create a society where they are not allowed to own animals. The rest of us have the duty to protect those that cannot protect themselves, so hopefully we will move forward to a time when it is unthinkable for an animal to be abused or abandoned. Unthinkable. It won't be in my lifetime, but I believe it will happen one day.


Carol, if there were more people like you in the world we wouldn't need a "Saints". You loved Minnie Pearl and Monty and they knew that. You are not a shelter you are a Sanctuary. We would all be so lucky to end up in a place like Saints when the end of the road comes for us. You are "hope" when there is no "hope" left.


All of these comments and the post itself made me cry. I just love animals so much my heart breaks when i even think about this stuff happening


love those commandments erin how true are those words and i agree with you completaely suzanne. monty, minnie pearl and all the other animals do have a real home, it is just a big home filled with lots of wonderful animals and people and they are all loved unconditionally by carol and all the people that surround them. as i have said before, carols animals are a lot better off than a lot of animals in so called homes. if the word ever got out there would be a lineup of animals waiting to get in on their own. lol. they are treated with respect and dignity and that, plus love and good food and shelter are just what they need. these animals are even remembered with their own special windchimes that is how special they are.dont ever say they are homeless carol because you are their home, and by the greetings you get when you come home its a fine damned one.


i cut this out of the newspaper, its been on my fridge for years. 10 pet commandments:
1. my life is likely to last 15 years. any separation from you will be very painful.
2. give me time to understand what you want from me.
3. place your trust in me, its crucial for my well being.
4.dont be angry with me for long, and dont lock me up for punishment. you have your work, friends, entertainment. i have only you.
5. talk to me. even if i dont understand the words, i understand your voice.
6. be aware no matter how you treat me, i ll never forget it.
7. before you hit me, remember i have teeth the could crush the bones in your hand, but i choose not to bite you.
8. before you scold me for being uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me, perhaps im not getting the right food, or not feeling well.
9. take care of me when i get old. you, too,will grow old.
10. go with me on difficult journeys.everything is easier for me if you are there.


We live in a society of instant gratification and entitlement. The minute life gets inconvenient the first impulse is to get rid of the problem be it a relationship with a human or pet.
What does it say of us as a society that we have tolerated children and animals being tossed aside and abandoned, or sometimes even worse, kept around and abused?
Try talking to a politician about implementing strict rules around animal welfare and their eyes glaze over.
We have seen the enemy and he is us.

Bunny Horne

I always loved animals - sadly much more than human. As a child my parents got rid of every pet I ever had. Bye bye sweet kitty. In my first marriage - husband of the moment wanted to dump our not so well behaved dog at the pound. I didn't want to do it, but he did. 30 minutes after he left the house I called the pound to say I am coming to get MY dog back. They had already terminated his young life. They deemed him unadoptable and wasn't worth wasting the food or space on. Thereafter I swore not to have a relationship with any human that could not treat my animals with respect. My Sassy IS A PRINCESS. She came from the SPCA with tons of issues - we have a contract, we compromise - she will help me get past my issues and I will help her with hers. My bond with Sassy IS forever.


But Minnie Pearl and Monty did NOT die homeless in a shelter in the traditional meanings of the words.
YOU gave them a home, and while it might not have been a home that was just theirs, it was a home none the less... in all the ways that matter...clean beds, copious food, all the vet help they needed etc.
More importantly they were very much LOVED, and that matters most of all.
Much as we might like to, we cannot change human nature, and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year. It seems to be all "ME, ME, ME" now. Maybe it's just because I am getting older and have watched it deteriorate so dramatically for so very long.
I grew up in the North East, and one of the hardest things for me when I moved to "the South" is the attitude, which is so very prevalent here, that life is cheap. I could tell you stories from first hand experience which woould make even your hair curl, and I'll bet you have seen plenty.
I have three cats here with me now. One from the Humane Society who was 13 when we adopted him, one who just wandered into our yard one day and never left, and one whose family down the street moved to Houston taking their other three cats with them and leaving him here to fend for himself living in a drainage ditch. He is the love of my life, but he definitely would be happier in a home where he was the only cat. I have mixed feelings about re-homing him. He would be happier, but that might take away a potential home for a little one currently about to be euthanized by animal control. I don't know and it eats away at me.
Certainly all here do the best we can with what we've got.
I have long admired your strength, because if I tried to do what you do I would be totally consumed with boiling rage 24/7.
You loved them, and they knew it, and that is what matters most in the end.


I know I posted this once before but it's so good. Someone had put this on Craigslist.

To my beautiful dog,

I promise to protect you in every way I know how; I will make sure cords are tucked away so you don’t get hurt, hair clips are picked up so you don’t choke, and the gate is closed so you don’t escape.

I promise to never abandon you; If I need to move, you will come with me. If it’s hard to find a place that will accept you, I will search every minute of the day. If I cannot find a place, I will move further out, to a less desirable place, or back home with my parents temporarily. It doesn’t matter, as long as I can keep you with me.

If I develop allergies (which I have) I will get allergy injections diligently, (which I do) because god knows it is worth every snuggle session.

If my boyfriend doesn’t like you, I will dump him (because he’s clearly an idiot)

If you chew all of my things (which you did) I will train you to know what’s yours (which I have)

And if I am rendered completely incapable of caring for you, I will make sure well in advance that you have the tools to be highly adoptable. I will never sell you.

You’re my best friend, and I know you’re world revolves around me. The least I can do is keep you in mine.


I completely agree with you Carol. As you said people don't treat their kids this way, why the so called pets

Carol Ann

the hulk should go over there and throw that guy across the room A hole