Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2011

everyone is a bit wound up and over the top tonight...pugsley and june together are such a horrible combination around here....two giant wingnuts just get everyone going and it upsets the geriatric cart so to speak. i will be REALLY glad when pugs moves to nicoles...he can wind up her house instead!

jelly is home and had her surgery. she just about killed herself to get into my car as quick as she could to get home again. jelly really hates car rides in general and going anywhere at all..she has been abandoned far too often as far as she is concerned (but she sure does like coming home again!)

coco puff is doing really well over in the medical room..she is already down on the floor and hanging out by the door. the house was just far too busy for her so she is happy with the quieter home.

sad sam is not too happy with his move over to the shy cats holding pen. not sure if he will adjust there or not. but i have to give him a chance to see how he does because if he lives here for a very long time, he will appreciate having in and out and a lot more space. we will try him there for a bit and see how he does.

tristie is in the holding pen in the house, in a couple of days i will let her out and hope she doesn't go into attack mode. i think if i give her enough time to get used to everyone she should make the adjustment ok.

it is with a great deal of regret and sadness that i tell you that today was helga's last day here at saints. she will still help out with some of the fundraising stuff, baking for the bake sale and hosting the garage sale but will be pulling back from the animal caregiving role. helga has been coming here for several years, 4 days per week to ensure the cats in her care were extra specially well loved. we are all going to miss her and especially the medical room cats, she has done such a wonderful job with them. so we have a pretty big hole to fill for them now and i am hoping we can all chip in some extra special caring and cuddling and spoiling time for her guys to help them make the transition. over the years helga has given her all for saints, she deserves a bit of a rest and some time for her own guys... we promise to try to at least partially fill her very big shoes!


Carol Ann

Helga it was always nice to see you and talk to you. Enjoy your time with your fur babies. Sometimes you just have to do for yourself for a while.


So sorry to hear you are stepping back Helga, I hope you still pop over for some visits & poop for your garden. You have been a godsend to the Medical cats & we will all try to make sure the kitties gets lots of loving & pets .

taketh care my friend

Bunny Horne

Helga - I doubt anyone can fill your shoes. A while back you indicated you would like a small rug hook project of a cat. If you design something and email it to me I will hook it for you complimentary for the amazing work you have done at Saints. The cats and the people will miss you.


aww helga everybody will miss you! your own fur babies will love having the extra time with you though!

Ann C

Helga everyone will miss you, especially the kitties, like Brenda I didn't get to visit with you very much but I always enjoyed your cheerful personality. Take care.


I'll miss you, Helga. We didn't work together very long, but I always enjoyed your cheerful chatter and loved listening to your conversations with the cats! They are going to miss you too - I'll try to give them extra loving on my Sunday shifts. Take care.


Oh Helga; We will all miss you so much. I didn't get to work with you personally (being in diferent areas), but I always liked seeing your familiar vehicle parked at SAINTS when I arrived on Sundays, and knew you were in the MP Room - already busy!! Sometimes we'd walk in the driveway together - comrades in a common cause! Thank you for all your care and compassion with the kitties over the years, and take care of yourself. I hope you will still come and visit us periodically.