Rescue Journal

dixie day

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2011

i am going to pop out and see dixie (the horse) today before i start my afternoon shift,,i haven't seen her in more than a week and each day that slips on by means i don't see her for even longer.

dixie (my cat) is shooting hope darts into me lately. i cannot remember the last time that she hissed at me or looked at me with absolute loathing. after 8 or 10 years she is finally seeking me out and talking to me ( i know it is only because she is hungry and she knows it is my job to feed her when she needs...)
but she is now rubbing up against things to encourage me, jumping up on the cat post right next to me while i fill up her much needed canned food bowl. she has suddenly decided that she can and will communicate with me and maybe i am not such an evil and ugly toad.

maybe one day she will rub against me, maybe one day my hand will gently slide down her back and up her long tail..maybe one day when i look in her eyes and tell her i love her..maybe one day she will say...i know.

hope floats.



I'm sure she know the love is there, right under the surface.