Rescue Journal

some homecomings suck.

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2011

it was a crappy day...mostly i think because i don't feel very well today....and it was one of those afternoon shifts at work that just didn't flow all that smoothly...nothing went really wrong or nicely right either.

and the fire alarm was going off again when i got home tonight..i am pretty sure it drove the house and barn animals nutz cuz gawd only knows how long it was going off for...(the security company has it on ignore til it is fixed...they have to order a higher end, more expensive, less dust sensitive one...should be in by this week.)

as soon as i walked in the house i shut it off. and then i noticed i could smell acetone. griffin was not well today so i am pretty sure his bloodsugars are spiralling up. anyway, i went looking for him and i found the poor bugger in his playpen. he had a blanket with a hole in it that he had stuck his head and front feet thru that had twisted and turned til it was tight as a tournique. it took me some time to get it safely cut off of him.

reminder to everyone to toss out blankets, sheets or towels that have holes in them...they are extremely dangerous...if it had been around his neck instead of his body and chest, he could have been strangled to death.

one of the new dogs arrived today while i was at work. sheila picked her up from the shelter for me and laura made sure she was here to settle her in. she is a senior little dark grey poodle (very similar in looks to tina.)

anyway..i am pretty sure she thinks it totally sucks here by now...shrieking fire alarms, howling dogs, no one around until i get home and then i immediately start yelling at pugsley and june who are really pissing me off with their moronic chaos causing while i was trying to find the freaking scissors and check griffin's bloodsugars so i could poke some more insulin safely into him.
note to myself..even if the shelters are full and antsy to get the dogs out...try really hard to put them off until i am on a day monday, which was the original plan.

anyway...all is calm and settled again was just a sucking saints start for the poor old girl. that freaking faulty barn fire alarm is actually a more chaos causing problem for all and old... than either pugsley or june.

ok..better go cuddle the new girl again and try to make it up to her.

oh..her name is marie (and i didn't name her, she came that way.)
welcome to saints only really and truly sucks here on the first day...tomorrow should be better...i hope...if that fire alarm doesn't go off again.



How is Griffin doing now? Is e feeling better? Poor guy, look forward to giving him a rub and a hug on Saturday