Rescue Journal

,the face of saints...

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2011

many, many years ago..before there was rescue..before there was nursing..i worked as a care aide in a privately run geriatric/mental health community facility.

and 30 some odd years later, i still remember harry's face. it was carved with close to 100 years of living...each craggy crease.

saints is starting to look pretty damn craggy as well...the scratched and chewed door frames, bumped and banged up walls, half eaten couches...a visible record of...

a few certain dogs.

harolds holes in the plaster in the doorway between the kitchen and the computer rooom that he gnawed with such dedication, the stripped paint and deeply scored door in my bedroom when maudie was momentarily forgotten, the chewed up fence divider in the laundry area from a confined and bored and broken pelvis puppy, sherlock.......and the utter destruction of pretty much anything including red leather couches, seven remote controls, countless pairs of slippers, many DVD's and now my personal bedroom shelf... by a happy but spoiled rotten and far too busy chewing on shit, palliative, teenaged, puffy white dog.

the face of saints is getting craggier every day....i am trying to decide if a facelift is in order (or even possible) anytime soon or if it would be a total waste cuz mystic is still happily gnawing along.

sigh...i don't mind living too much in a dog house, i just wish said dog house was not quite so craggily chewed on.



I believe things should be left as is. Not only does it add character but it also lets the SAINTS of yesterday speak to the people of today and not be forgotten.


Do you think a service club would be interested in a project (work party) that could fix up things a bit as part of a community thing?


Ahhhh, remote controls!!!!! My wonderful, pain in the butt dalmatian, Molly, ate 10 of them. Or should I say we stopped counting at 10. Those darn commercial washroom breaks when I actually got up and left her alone did it. HA HA