Rescue Journal

marie did ok last night...

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2011

she is eating and drinking and pooping and peeing....she is fully mixed in with the frail kitchen dogs. she shared her big bed with various friends, had some treats, sat on my lap and gave shy, little, nice to meetcha i think she is doing ok. eventually i will introduce her to the bed buddies so she can move in there if she likes but not today cuz i still feel like death warmed over with a headache, queasiness and dripping sinus's. i had my flu shot weeks ago so i better not be coming down with the flu.

i should have known tho i was coming down with something cuz i have been kinda bitchy for the past couple of days...i thought it was stress from work (it has been pretty stressful lately with too many very big changes and a not so positive atmosphere,) altho i am sure it will get better again too...that is the beauty of nursing..if you can make yourself just concentrate on the patients, eventually all of the peripheral BS stuff will settle down too. but some days early retirement sure does start looking pretty damn good...just a couple of more years to go if i reach the point of really not liking my job anymore. but i do hope that day never really comes because i have always loved the actual nursing part of my job (i just hate the chained to a desk, bean counter, victim of bright ideas part!)...and losing that would be a big loss.

oh well...not going to worry about that today..i called in sick so i should just rest and relax and let that all go and worry about taking something really good for my headache and dripping nose!

it would be nice if the dogs do not bark too much least til my head starts feeling a little bit kind of sucks to be here with a headache too.