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fast forwarding rescue.

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2011

i pretty much always feel like life in rescue is on fast forward. you deal with each thing as quick as you can and then move on to deal with the next. i am kind of stalled on the xmas letters..just waiting for the address labels so we can stuff, stick and post..they are going out late this year but hopefully by the end of the week for sure.

and hopefully by the end of the week,,,charlotte and wills will be in their new house...then the goats can go back to their vacated house and the cows will once again have that full barn for themselves.

of the three dogs coming in..marie is here and settling and i will be picking up plainsman later today. plainsman is a long term foster of ours who needs to come to saints. he is a very large dog and he is really old (17) he has been falling a lot lately and can no longer do the stairs in his foster home. his senior foster mom has just recently fractured a couple of vertabrae in her back so she can't lift or help him anymore. plainsman has never actually been here before...we took over his foster contract obligations for his original rescue several years ago. he will be like a any new admission except i know his medical history for the past several years and our vets know him well...far better than me!
i have not heard yet when the old wrecked shitzhead is coming but probably within the next week or so too.

so my goal is to finish off the vet stuff on the last three arrivals (nicky, may and bru go in on the 16th) and get these three new ones settled well before christmas week (none of the three need any medical stuff done immediately..2 the shelters took care of and plainsman we have taken care of all along.) and this is good because trying to find time to get animals in when i am working a lot thru the holidays is always tough.

and finally fast forwarding to actually paying the outstanding vet bills off.

so i am fast forwarding my rescue mind to be all caught up and settled here by the end of the year...get the xmas letters out asap, finish off the vet care for whoever still needs something done, get the pigs and goats moved to their proper houses, settle the new dogs so they feel like home AND start the new year with a very clean plate BEFORE we fill it up again.

anyway..thats the fast track rescue plan..lets see how it goes...hope floats it goes very well!


cathie k

Carol...Do you have the results from the Triple Tree photos... I'm asking because I donated to Hearts on Noses....( It was in a blue envelope cash)... I thought it easier than haunting you at your work a knitted item for yourself...If you don't want// require the said item throw into a charity box...I hope that you did well at the photos and that the monies for Janice show up ..such a pessimist??.. N.B saw Karen( Katie's Place)today asked if I saw you she's been calling and leaving messages on your machine....Cathie k


carol...i don't know if you have my new mailing address
who do i send it too


Bunny Horne

Carol, I sent you and email with the final $ tally from Fetch a Bone's pet photos with the Grinch. It is impressive. You can report the amount raised on the blog. The TIMES reporter will need an email from you thanking Fetch a Bone for their generous contribution.


I can help you with the Xmas letters if you would like. I can come and pick them up when they are ready to stuff, stick and mail.