Rescue Journal

it was pretty much a shitty day that got better.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2011

i did the run around to every freaking place in the world buying or ordering deliveries to stock up feed/supplies/meds for over the xmas holidays...and i spent a ton of money...$1000 on barn feed and a pallet of litter box pellets. but at least i know the bins will all be full until after the new year. i really do hate running around and shopping tho.

my heart dropped down to my boots when dionne gave her notice today..she has the opportunity to take a job that she not only likes but pays better and is not so freaking hard on the body..she will be a huge loss to saints. i put out some ads for hiring, and hiring new people always scares the crap out of me. but then i got a brain storm and called janice to see if she would be interested in trying it out and she is! so now i don't have to worry about the animals or the kind of care they will get cuz i know janice will care for them so very well. what we both need to worry about tho is each other. we have been friends for a very long time and we are both pig headed and controlling rescuers in our own right.... we might end up killing each other. i said just to treat this like any other bullshit job with a boss that she hates, then maybe we will be ok.

cuz here is the thing..this may or may not work out BUT whether it does or not..janice knows i am here and do what i do for the animals, and i know janice is here and does what she does for the animals so i think our friendship can survive however this goes. disagreement is nothing new to us..we don't have to always agree to still not only like each other but to care for the animals in our own way..we will just test the waters to see if we are ok doing it together!

janice said..don't cancel your ad yet. and this is why this might work out just fine..we are both practical and honest and we both know ourselves pretty well.

good lord...two independent, passionate, strong willed, no bullshit, shoot from the hip, rescuers working together?..this should be pretty damn interesting.



I really had to laugh at this post, but coudn't of been said it better- we are what we are ;o)

Looking forward to meeting you Dionne and learning exactly how you do it!!!


yes, so sorry you are leaving dionne you were very good to the animals. good luck in your new job . awae first lose carol ann and then you, no fair as my grand daughter would say.

Ann C

Sorry to hear you are leaving Dionne, saints will really miss you, good luck in your new job.


This is just wonderful. A happy ending to a very tough year for sure. I'm so excited and hope this works out permanently.......and that I don't have any funerals to attend - lol.

Like you said Carol, it's all about the animals, and I think that is what will make the difference.


Sorry to hear Dionne is leaving, she did a great job!!But now maybe she will be able to come back and volunteer with the rest of us weekend warriors!

Carol Ann

so relieved here -- I know Janice will do a terrific job. Those animals so need someone (like my Dionne) who really cares about them. I will miss the daily stories about their antics though. Life sometimes throws you curves and you have to do things you didn't think you would have to do.