Rescue Journal

sorry..i was out of commission last night, still not feeling great and i was busy.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2011

today might be better except my back is screwed...oh well.

to answer the questions in the comment sections..
bunny..i will have your tickets for you at the won't need them to get in.. just for when you order your dinner/drink. i already spoke with the times reporter and she told me the funds raised for saints was $850 at the fetch a bone photo's with grinch! great work to everyone involved!

cathy the scarf! i have your donation to give to janice and thank you very much for that!!! and the saints portion from the triple tree xmas with santa pictures was about $300 at a rough guess...and the rest went to support that'll do border collie rescue so it looks like the event was also a great success. apparently annabelle went to have her picture taken with santa there so i can't wait to see it!

vadie..send your new address to me...and anyone else who wants an xmas lettter and may not be on our current mailing list too. or you can sign up for the email copy on the sidebar of the blog igf that works ok for you.

re the xmas letters..thx for the offers to help get them mailed...the address labels are here...just waiting for the saints return address labels to be printed off and i need to pick up envelopes and stamps today...they should be ready to stuff and mail by tomorrow. so anyone who can help, please feel free to grab some from the office tomorrow...and THX SO MUCH!!!!

part of the reason last night was so tough was related to the new dogs. plainsman decided he needed to see me frequently and periodically would call from his bed...which meant i had to get out of my bed.
and marie who has been very quiet and sweet has discovered that the squeaky wheel gets the grease so she kept on squeaking and i had to keep greasing and between the two of them i got very little sleep.

i wish i could shoot some grease into my back this morning..maybe then i would not move like the tin man...anyway..gotta go and get dressed (somehow) cuz esther has an early vet appointment in maple ridge.

i think we might have more turkeys coming..three to be exact..the male has been kicked and injured by some asshole and he is coming with his two girlfriends. i said no to the chickens and the goats from the same home..we don't have room for that many more. i only said yes to the turkeys because of the current abuse, as far as i know the chickens and goats are not being abused so hopefully someone else can make room for them. there are 13 chickens and 6 nubian goats needing a home..these animals are the victims of an ugly and apparently violent divorce so if anyone knows anyone, let me know and i will pass on the contact info.


cathie k

P.S Tell Janice I don't require a tax whatever plus Thanks for setting my mind at rest about my delivery method...C

cathie k

Carol...Glad you liked the scarf...Thanks for both giving Janice the monies...AND... the job!!!!...Plus happy that Annabelle did the Santa trip....C


" It is in the office with Ed stuck to the billboard above the desk "

What the heck is Ed doing stuck to the billboard... LOl


I'll pick up a bunch of envelopes tomorrow when I come up to hug and groom the bunnies.


Carol I popped up last night and left the draft...saves you coming downtown when you are busy. It is in the office with Ed stuck to the billboard above the desk.