Rescue Journal

sorry for not posting last night (just in case anyone actually cared)

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2011

the blog sometimes feels like the morning and nightly phone call to check in with mom and pops (you guys are mom and pops) so you knows everything is ok (or not) here.

anyway..i was sleeping and that was a very good thing.

new dog in..the old wrecked shitz from NVAS..on a scale of one to ten on wreckedness as compared to other wrecked dogs bombing around here..(10 being the worst)...she is pretty much a one. her name is trudi and she is a bossy little baggins....not the least bit scared but feels quite able to voice her displeasure at her kitchen accomodations...she is more of a master suite kind of dog.

anyway..i wwas so bagged that while her complaining registered on my peripheral stayed well wirthin the on ok to ignore mode.

thankfully marie and manny have fully settled cuz they did not complain at all.

pugsley (who i will now call nigel cuz he is gone...) has moved to nicoles and thank god. she is young enough to deal with a mammoth puppy and think it is fun.

darin is here this morning pouring the cement floor for lottie and wills house...soon all that is left is to move the pile of sand out of their pen (i do not want to waste that sand cuz we for sure are going to need it) and they can move over to their very own house and yard.

ok..i better go out and see how the cement pouring is one vacation begins.



Glad you got some ZZZZ. Spent the morning looking for your news.Here in Nova Scotia we are a few hours ahead.


yes, i have no life i must have checked it about 10 times, with actual disbelief that there was no blog i really enjoy reading about all the comings and goings and whatnots. but am too glad you had a good sleep.

Bunny Horne

Yes, we actually care. Anything new on the blog? Nope. What? Are you sure? Yep, nothing new. Sometimes no news is good news, but the moms and pops of the world still like their little Carol to check in. Glad you were catching some ZZZZZ.