Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2011

roxy and blanche were adopted today into the same home. their new mom works with me and adopted a cat from me many years ago (who just recently passed away.) anyway she wanted another cat to curl up on her bed...i suggested blanche and when she came to meet her, she met roxy too. now she has 2 cats to curl up on her bed so that has to be good.

smokey suddenly crashed this morning so we rushed him off to the vets. he is still there hooked up to iv's but apparently is brighter tonight. the xrays showed a splenic mass....smokey is not bleeding out yet so i need to decide if he is too old and wrecked to attempt the surgery. with surgery we are looking at extending his life from 4-6 weeks or upwards to a year or more. worth it for another good year..not so worth it for him if he only gets a few post op recovery weeks.

so i am thinking...what should i do? hopefully the answer will come to me by tomorrow.

love you smokey..wish you were home with us tonight.


Ann C

Oh poor Smokey he is truly the sweetest dog ever. Hugs to you Nicole (I've had no internet access for a couple of days)sweet dreams Fiona. Happy days Nigel so glad for you and your great new home , we will miss your lumbering self, you too are a very sweet doggy.


I'm so sorry you guys but o can't come out to SAINTS today, but I'll see you all next week!


So happy I got to see roxy and Blanche today. Great they are together in a new home.
Sorry about Smokey, not sounding so good. Poor Ewok to be away from smokey . Hope all works out


oh crap such a sweet sweet dog and absolutely no trouble at all. come on smokey please get better we all love you and want you back home.


How's Ewok taking Smokey's absence? Gotta be tough for her. All fingers firmly crossed.