Rescue Journal

running todays plans thru my head this morning....

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2011

today is bear's surgical day...he is having a dental and that mass on his neck removed. we are going to do some more tidying up in the shop and i will for sure hit the grocery store today and pick up a few things for me because..the barn guys need some new fruit. thats one way to get me to go grocery shopping..add something the animals need to my list. i have to go to the pharmacy to pick up some med refills and i think that is my list for vacation day four barring disaster is marked for a day off (no vet appointments so far!)

esther wants to know where the food bowls are? the problem with communal living is...on surgical days there is communal fasting..esther says..this is not fair. ok so she is right about that but since there is not a single computer room dog who cannot withstand a 10 hour fast she should tell someone else who might care. i am just glad i actually remembered to put the food away last night.

welll..i better get dressed and ferry bear down to the is going to be a tough day for him...sweet boy.



ollie is a bit better.

at this point wendy, i doubt we will be attempting the surgery unless something drastically changes for the better. he is still confused and lethargic..i do not think he can handle a major surgical assualt.

Wendy Scott


Was wondering how Smokey is doing? Has he settled, does he recognize Ewok? What are his chances if he has the spleen removed. From what I have read it is a difficult surgery.
I hope Bear's surgery goes well and he is home soon.