Rescue Journal

quickies cuz xfactor is on soon and i still have stuff to do.

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2011

smokey is even better today. i am seeing the vet tomorrow with benny and will talk to him about a medical careplan for smokey... i do now believe the surgical route is a bad idea for him..i am more inclined to go the palliative route but will wait to see what our vet thinks.

ollie is much better today..he is out and about again.

edith's foot bandage was removed..i think the area looks pretty good. we will keep a close eye on it and her for a bit but i think she is doing ok now.

bear is handling his multiple sutured sites well. this is not the first time he has been around this corner, he had several masses removed in the past as well. jelly goes in this week for possible suture all depends on how well she has healed sometimes these hematoma stitches stay in longer than most.

manny is settled back down today...he mostly just chilled out and enjoyed not being messed around with. his bloodwork is back and not too bad but he still does have a urinary tract infection so the vets wants to change his antibiotics to see if we can get it cleared up once and for all.

buddy has been sleeping for most of the day..the muscle relaxants wipe him out but at least he can move without whimpering so i think he is feeling tired, but less painful too. note to myself...when he is better quit letting him bomb around.

i am really getting fond of that new little dog marie..she is absolutely hilarious AND she knows it too.

i did get my partial day off...frodo and i hung out in the suite from 11 am-2pm and that was nice for both of us.

busy days planned for thursday and friday, my last days off before i go back to work.


Wendy Scott

Glad to hear Smokey is feeling better. Am interested to hear what your vet says for his careplan. You are right ,surgery would be too much for him.