Rescue Journal

you would think that being in rescue...

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2011

would automatically put you into the middle of things..not really. not if you are me. when there is a rescue going on...all i want to know very clearly is..what is my small part? and how long am i expected to actually be part of the part. the ins and outs the logistics of who does what and where...those are all just white noise to me.
so last night i got an email...
hey carol can you provide temporary housing for a stray cow? short and sweet..i appreciate this.
i said it depends on how long is temporary..a day or two yes...weeks to months? not on your life.
anyway i was assured it was just for a couple of days. and then janice emailed me late last night and told me not to worry cuz they had found a temporary place for the cow somewhere else...yay.

when i saw janice today..i asked what kind of cow is this anyway..she laughed and said the info she got was the cow was brown and her name was angus. could this be an angus steer and not a cow at all? anyway..whatever.... he or she was not coming here so that is where my interest ended.

i had some trouble with my cell phone this morning...the message on the screen read..service suspended. ahh shit. oh well i wasn't expecting any majorly important calls but i figured i had better pay the forgotten bill and get it turned back on. i looked in the office and couldn't find any bills so i just went online and guesstimated how much i must have owed them to be suspended...2?3? hundred dollars? to be safe i paid $400 on the bill and then i decided i better pay the other bills too just in case another disconnection was looming.

i like things simple and equal so i paid everyone $400 to be safe.

then i called fido and asked them to please reinstate my service as i had just paid the overdue bill. the nice man looked up my account and said your account is not in arrears and we did not suspend your service...your next bill is $69 and not due til january second. oh. so they turned me over to the repair department who told me to turn off and then turn on my phone...poof, the issue was fixed, my phone worked again!
(wish i could get that $400 back..oh well... i won't have to pay fido now until spring.)

anyway..when i did start answering the phone again this of the very first calls was to give me an update on you know who. they hadn't caught her yet but they hoped to soon. i said does that mean she is coming here and not ssomewhere if they catch her she will.

oh. so finally i ask directly...what kind of cow is this anyway? and the answer was...she is a semi-feral cow.

oh. honestly...good luck on this rescue...they are going to need rescue guardian angels on their shoulders. they don't even know what kind of sketchy cow they are catching, i wonder if anyone involved has ever been around cows? rescue people are such optimistic, kind and cheerful bravehearts. i guess i will find out if he/she ever actually gets here...good thing my phone is working cuz i might get another the cow is rescued and loaded and heading to your place...that is the kind of info. i really need to know.

last phoned update....the cow did not cooperatively walk up the ramp to the trailer ..she said, no way and buggered no cow coming here tonight! apparently they are formulating plan B when they won't need to move her to temporary housing...sounds like a GREAT plan to me, it is just the kind of plan that i like!



And I can just see my city friends looking at this poor cow like it is one of their little dogs going "come on............ please............ we have food................ please.............


i wouldn't even know how to get one of my own cows into a trailer so kudos to them for trying. i can just see it now..percy! please go into that trailer...ok, don't if you don't feel like it right now.

dogs at least you can pick up and move...with a reluctant 1500 pound cow you are totally screwed...someone that big actually does get to make the rules.


It was funny to read about the cow. none of the rescuers had any experience with this species. How do I know this. LOL They were friends of mine. Actually, Deb is my treasurer (and dear friend), her husband and a friend that owns horses. and of course the rep from cdart. And the cow only bolted at the last moment. the story made me laugh.


I did the same thing a few months ago :)2 months ago I didn't have to pay my cell company.This past month only came to $7. I kinda hope it happens again :)Hahaha


Can you set up automatic withdrawal for your bills? Set them to coincide with the payday where the rent/mortgage isn't due and there will always be funds in the account. Getting paid every two weeks you would end up overpaying by one month each year but at least you wouldn't have the worry.


the apple does not fall too far from the tree!

jenn and lindsey are more like their dad in this one regard..super organized, timely and accurately, bill paying freaks!

Angela H.

lol. you are just like eric when it comes to paying bills.

did i pay that bill? can't remember. how much do i owe? have no idea. better pay xx amount just in case and call it a day.

i don't think we have had to pay our shaw bill for months due to overpaying!