Rescue Journal

ahh i remember you!

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2011

i wrote this whole informative post on transient canine dementia and then lost it..too bad for anyone who might have been interested, it's gone but it was pretty good!

anyway..i will just paraphrase the point of it all....smokey is back in his head.

the new cat is here..he is a little bit pissed off.

i might have been a bit unfair to pugsley to pin the whole rabble rousing/chaos causing on him. june just had the whole freaking place in an uproar while she was playing with little bambi.

and that little puffy white beast just ate the wooden knob off my mothers 1940's solid maple dresser that mom bought when she and my dad got married. geez mystic.... that freaking hurt.

i have got 4 dogs going into the vets tomorrow for various things..i better take a notebook with me so i don't forget anything.