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mid day update

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2011

benny did good at the vets. chica is totally pissed right off at dare i disturb her almost perfect life and drag her to the vets (chica is a saints foster dog.) she is dehydrated and will stay overnight on IV's..not sure if it is her IBS or her crappy kidneys that is messing her up right now.

i talked to the vet about smokey..the plan is just leave him alone and move him into palliative care type mode...this means we deal with symptom control but let him go when he starts to not enjoy life anymore. could be a few days..a few weeks..who knows?... a few months? is all up to smokey to decide.

sunny popped his head out of a hidey hole and both eyes were literally dripping with pus. O.M.FREAKING.G!!
i rushed him down to to the vets...sunny is still after all of these years, virtually feral..esp. when he is freaked out (he is the third of the fruit loops..the one who did not come along into tameness as nicely as his brothers did.) anyway..tanya the tech was awesome...she had him bagged, bloodwork drawn, eyes flushed and even a thermometer up his ass without sedation..i was pretty impressed. the vet came and examined him..he has had a convenia injection and his first dose of eye ointment and we will carry on from there.
NOTE to all volunteers...DO NOT LET THAT CAT OUT OF THE CAGE...and he will try to escape. we need him confined so we can brutalize him over his eyes for at least another week. if he gets loose i am going to have a heck of a time catching him and putting him back in.

new cat coming in..senior cat from a senior man who has gone into facility care. apparently the gentleman was crying when one of our readers visited the facility with her therapy pet because his cat was left behind in the house and the man was not able to go home again. he was very worried about what would happen to his cat. anyway..i cannot stand the thought of seniors crying over a suddenly bereft and now homeless beloved pet so i said he could come here. his name is "pest", he is very shy and 12 yrs old and arrives at saints today around 2 pm...i hope he does ok with the change in his circumstances..i know it will be a tough move for him.

so far..that is all of the news.


Wendy Scott

Thanks Carol for the update on Smokey. I was wondering how the vet diagnosed a mass on his spleen. Reason I ask is that when Smokey was ill this spring-they did a full blood check and didn't diagnose anything besides an upset stomach. What medicine can be given for symptom control?
I pray he will have more time . Good that he has settled back in. Please keep me updated.


Carol, if you need a hand with the vet run tomorrow I'm available.
We are now up to 41....


Carol, I'll pick up the cheques on Saturday morning. There will be another set arriving in the mail which makes 40!


The Mission City Record ran our story about 1000 Saints in today's paper. Check it out at
Great photo of Al