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ok..the answer part of Q&A

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2011

thank you caylee...i was going to stop at the clinic today but things fell apart here and i couldn't (see later in this post.)

janet: june is doing well..she is great with people as she gets to know them but still an utter freakout with new folks.

cheryl/steph..metacam can be hard on the kidneys with long term use and with any long term use of NSAIDS there is always a risk of GI bleeds but most of our dogs (and quite a few cats) are on it long term and do fine with it...but there is always the rare exception.

erin...xfactor favorites..i like all three of the finalists..i wish they could all win!

carol anne... maybe is not doing great..i had her into the vet and we have a couple of different new eye meds to try. we should know within a week or so if we can save the eye. the vet assures me she is probably totally blind in it anyway, (she has so much old scarring on the cornea from years of chronic problems) so if it does have to come out she should do ok.

naomi...i never can remember how i fix it when i lose the question mark...but colleen b always posts in and reminds me..oh colleen????

brenda s..yes we did not do so great in the aviva final round but i expected we wouldn't so i am not disappointed.

lori paul...pest finally started eating a bit tonight..i will check in the morning to make sure that he did eat enough. he is pretty upset still but hopefully he will get over it quick...big adjustment for him. he really is a very sweet cat.

suzanne..ziggy-pop is good..he and flicka are great friends...but he still really likes hanging out with the cows too. yesterday i watched him licking and nibbling on emily's back legs..he is such a goof and emily is so good and patient with him!

barbara d..sorry don't know anyone who could foster a lab pup...maybe one of the other rescues might have someone????

donna...pest's name...i am thinking i don't want to change it...that old man really loved this cat so i am sure all the cat heard was the loving in the mans voice when he said his pest thinks his name is comfortable, familar and a warm/loving sounding name.


dixie chick, (my VERY feral cat) is sick. thankfully she is still eating so i was able to get her started on meds today. hopefully she will feel better in a couple of days.

edith crashed today..laura and ryan found her at barn bedtime, flat out and struggling and unable to rise. i think she was probably seizuring at some point. the vet came out on an emergency call..he thinks she is blind right now. he said because she is so utterly ancient and getting so thin that her calcium/thiamine levels are probably out of whack which can cause seizure activity and blindness. he gave her sc fluids calcium/thiamine/vit B and drew some bloodwork. we moved her into the pen in the shop and will see if she perks up.

sunny is looking better but needs to stay confined for his meds for a full week.
bruisers bloodwork is back and he is cleared for a badly needed dental and a cyst removal in a couple of weeks.
the pathology is back on bear's tumours..low grade mast cell tumours with clear excised margins so the hope is they won't come back.

and of course i am worried about maybe...i don't want her to lose that eye. i am to give her the eye meds every four hours and have her rechecked next week.

ok..i think that is it and i better go do maybe's eye again and check in on dixie and edith.

heads up to sundays weekend warriors!!!

edith will need food/water/care in the shop and...

charlotte and wills are shut in their house tonight (laura and ryan weren't sure and decided to be cautious...yay!) please let them out as soon as you get here...AND can you move a big water tub in there for them tomorrow too please so they have both an inside and outside water..i think locking them in is a good idea cuz they are too close to the perimeter fence in the dark of the night when pedators prowl. THX!!!!!!


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

If you still need a puppy foster Gloria who was fostering your sick pups from TG is available. Karl was adopted on Sunday.


I'll get a water trough over to the new pig enclosure tomorrow morning.


look brenda...shit one knew bambi was going to come in that door at that particular moment, you were trying to give maybe a quiet and safe place to have her lunch. that eye has been a disaster waiting to happen for a long time. she lost the other one simply because she bumped it on something..her corneas are just that thin from long term scarring. it is how these dogs are bred..born to have lifelong eye issues with dry eye, glaucoma, the vet even told me that the chronic corneal ulcers are almost certainly hereditary because of the stupidity of our breeding for certain bugging out eyes with resulting too thin corneas.

maybe hasn't been able to see for a long time..and she was still flipping around my feet tonight telling the other guys to piss off while i was doing their meds. she gets along fine and will continues to do so with or without that virtually useless eye. and even if we can save it..she is eventually going to lose it thru some kind of freak accident like falling off those 4 inch karunda beds like she sometimes does when she is in a hurry to get someplace or when the next corneal ulcer strikes, which it will. maybe is not a dog to forever just quietly sit around on a bed protecting her messed up eye...she is too busy being a cheerful hag and living as big and bad as she can.

and lets not let big bambi off the responsibility hook on this..she can very occasionally be an absolute and complete and total is just who she is.

Lori Paul

He is a very sweet cat and I'm so glad you see it (I knew you would :)