Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2011

not happy about edith when i checked her at 11pm..she was still standing with her head down....that was 4 or 5 hours that she didn't lay down. i haven't checked her yet this morning but i will when i leave for work in a few minutes (don't want to rile up the dogs yet, the doggy door flaps are still open til 6.)

yesterday in the updates i forgot to mention smokey...he is fine, right back to being a happy barn buddy looking for treats all of the time.

i am particularly bagged this morning...i watched "the nun's story" on TV last night...that was one of my most favorite movies when i was a kid and directly responsible for me wanting to be a nun when i grew up til i finally realized nunhood was absolutely not the right lifestyle choice for me....duh! like i could ever even come close to practicing obedience. i would have miserably failed in obedience training and got kicked out of the convent in the first week..."sit!"...fine...(maybe, depending on my mood and how my feet felt)......"roll over!"... don't think so... but nice try. plus nuns can't use the "f" word which i do quite like sometimes.

ok...gotta get dressed and beetle, i got non nunny shit to do before i head off to work (where there will be no eyes down and demure nursing nunnly "yes doctor" coming out of these lips any time soon!)

i don't know if that movie was based on a true story or not...but if it was..i hope when she left the order she finally found some real joy in being herself.



Thanks Bunny. I'll give her your e-mail address. Really appreciate your help.

Bunny Horne

It was Bunny, not Brent that left that last message. Just noticed his name came up.
Penny - your friend in the west end, tell her she can email me at so we can make arrangements to get the blankets etc from her.


Edith's water was low when I arrived and she was standing over the water. I assumed she had been drinking, but I might be wrong. I filled it up. I gave her some of an organic toaster strudel, she usually likes those. She did eat about half of it and I put the other half in her bowl. I did see her lay down at one point today. Laura was on the floor of her pen before I left trying to coax her to eat, but she wouldn't even eat the other bit of strudel. We did leave a garbage bag of fresh shavings in the wheel barrow in case you need it. Love you sweet Edith.


Edith was lying down when I left today, and she had been eating a little as well.

Stevie's eye looked really bad today - there was a small amount of puss in the corner and it was watering. I cleaned it up for him.


and yes, the Nun's Story was based on fact - one of my favourites early on too!