Rescue Journal

quick stuff

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2011

man that new little guy is sure super cute! husky's have the best personalities! he woodled and grumbled until around 11 pm and then slept..he just woke up now and is talking again...i love talking dogs! in many ways his face is very similar to mystics...perfectly adorable..he just needs some cleaning up of his coat and his skin and he will look like a bit darker, more wrecked'er version of her...(cuz we all know mystic is flawlessly beautiful!)

as soon as we can get the worst of the scabby tufts off him i am going to try him as a bed buddy. if he can comfortably handle the chaotic crazy little ones with his blindness..i think he will like sleeping up on the bed. far all is good here considering how many sick or new ones we currently have..smokey, ollie, pest, tristie, sunny and dixie are all doing ok...edith is still a big worry and the new guy is going to need some major TLC for a bit but thats ok.

i better get dressed and my reluctant butt into work....2 more shifts then 3 days off.