Rescue Journal

tonights updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2011

so dixie...a bit more settled..less freaky scared... more annoyed when i am in the bathroom with her. i ran a hot bath and gave her a can of AD...she got up twice to have some. i told her..if you eat that whole can tonight..i will think you are getting better and won't want to mess it up by stressing you out so i will quit fussing about making you go to the vet tomorrow.

i will say, she is quite content in there..i told all of the staff that the house bathroom was off limits and to use the shop washroom instead. i think she liked the peace and quiet and being able to rest. the problem with being feral is...she feels the need to skitter out of the way whenever someone gets too close to her so with everyone working and moving around all day..she probably needs to move a lot to keep her distance and feel safe. that has got to be tiring when you are not feeling well.

edith is up and the mornings sshe looks pretty low..after janice got her metacam into her, she perked up and ate 3 bowls of salad and a couple of cookies. so i think her biggest issue right now is pain. it is probably an arthritis flare and with her being so old and demented, the chronic unending achiness of it is pushing her over the edge. we will keep up the metacam and see if we can get better 24 hour comfort control.

i have little odie stepping down from the laundry area on his own and making to the front door and outside and when he is done, coming back on his own and finding and going up the steps to his private bed again. i am clearing out some of the dogs..but not all because i do want him to learn to navigate here around various moving bodies but i don't want to overwhelm him while he is mapping out his surroundings inside his head.

i think he is a pretty cool dog and given some time, he is going to be able to go with us all over the farm with a few safety precautions in place.

well..i am on day three of a migrane so i am going to do up the diabetics and med guys, take something for my poor, tired of a headache head and go off to bed.