Rescue Journal

hah..i woke up at 5 anyway!

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2011

i am not going to write a sappy xmas post about a bunch of warm and fuzzy feelings that pop out every dec 25th. don't get me wrong..those feelings are most definitely here just like they come and fill me up every year..i am just going to refrain from waxing sappily about them this year.

instead i am going to tell you a real live christmas is happening today.

in a beat up, pretty small little house high on a hill there are more than 100 homeless animals gathered. most are still sleeping on torn leather couches, ripped, plastic wrapped giant pillows, beat up little baskets with soft fleeces inside, and bunched up blankets spread across the floor which once were folded quite nicely. some are sleeping on clean shavings and soft and dry straw in the coops and the barns. all of them homeless with a roof over their heads and fresh food and water within steps of them.

today a small army will leave their christmas trees, their presents, their families, their kitchens primed for today's special feast and descend upon this homeless, wrecked, animal filled place.

the small army will swoop thru here, refilling food and water bowls, changing wet and soiled beds for clean ones and mopping the floors. they will take the animals for walks and runs in the fields, they will lay their hands gently upon many faces and tell them they care. they will feed them special treats and gently hold many in their arms and they will make sure each animal is safe, comfortable and feels loved.

and when their work is done here, they will carry these animals away in their hearts as they return to their families and the more traditional and sparklier festive christmas day parts. and at some point during their family celebrations they will stop and silently bless the animals they cared for today and wish for their very own eventual forever home on some near future christmas day.

santa's little elves will be busy this christimas day..spreading peace and joy at home...and here.


merry christmas everyone and may god bless you too.


Grant Hayter-Menzies

Carol, I read this with smile and tears. It's just the image I had in mind on Christmas Day, and hoping you would have such wonderful "elves" helping you and the dear animals. We live on the Island and seemingly a long way from Mission, but I hope to have the great honour of volunteering at SAINTS in the near future. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, even on Christmas Day.

Best wishes - Grant

Janice ter Borg

Merry Christmas to all you saints at SAINTS and all the fortunate animals! Wish I could be closer to Mission to be able to volunteer.

Bunny Horne

Carol and Janice, just a note to say that Brent checked out the loafing shed near Wills and Lotti and there were quite a few rusting old nails sticking through, not just at the feed troughs. He banged them all down so that hopefully there will be no injuries. Percy, Brad and Ellie Mae had a bowl of cold-hot chocolate drink today. Percy sounded like a kid with a slurpee sucking that baby up. Merry Christmas to all.


well they sure liked the pizza that zoe and i gave to them. and they all had some and some more lol. was a good day at saints the animals all seemed to know that something was special they were all fired up. some more presents for carol from some of the vulunteers in the house. will try to make it to saints tomorrow to help out a wee bit. hope all had a good day.


Merry Christmas to all God's creatures who HAVE found a warm and safe home - at SAINTS. And also to all of the angels who care for them so lovingly.


Merry Christmas Carol to you and your elves and all your "children"! They are not the homeless ones, they are the lucky ones - my 3 hounds were once homeless - and I am truly blessed that they made their way to me. Although sometimes I wonder if they are payment for the bad things I have done in my life........