Rescue Journal

pops passed peacefully away.

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2011

mo, dionne, erin brent and i all shed tears at his passing.

rest in peace popeye, you were truly overflowing with goodness and grace.


elaine erickson

God Bless you all for all that you do and all that you continue to give these animals in your care.I cannot find a word to describe you all angels doesnt seem appropriate you are all above that.RIP Frodo and pops no more suffering run free.


One of my fondest memories of Pops is when he was in the riding ring with Dixie.There was a pile of hay on the ground.Dixie tried to come near his and he tried to chase her away :)


Run free Pops~ I sent a small donation in memory of Pops and Frodo. So sad you had to end the year off that way. THANK YOU to Carol and all the volunteers that make a difference for the animals in your care.


RIP Pops, you were loved and loved by many, sweet dreams gentle soul and hugs to Carol and Percy and all at SAINTS, big furry hugs, xxoo


What an amazing, heartfelt outburst of feelings we have all shared today. There are too many tragic days at SAINTS, and this week has been filled with them. Yet the passing of this one noble horse -- I want to say "person," because I thought he was one -- has touched all of us deeply. I met him only once or twice, but he was immediately special to me and I have been deeply saddened by the week's messages about him.

Thanks Carol, for making it possible to be in touch with him, however briefly. This outpouring of sadness/celebration is amazing testimony to a great, kind spirit.

Run free Pops! We miss you.


Is there a picture of Pops laying down?? I would like to have a picture of him..


i am so so sorry for pops. he had a good end of life at saints it truly sucks . on another note i will be coming in to saintss tomorrow at 800. i have company coming and have to get home to cook. happy new year everyone.


Pops touched so many of us that have never even met him. He went from being forgotten to being loved by many, thanks to you good folks at SAINTS.


He's probably up in heaven running around with my first horse Casper.He is now safe and pain free.We will miss you Pops! See you when I get to heaven...


God Bless you all for being with Popeye on his passing into a much more peaceful place. You are free Pop's. Free of pain. Much Love to you.


Run free in the wind, Pops with a strong and healthy body.

Carol and all of the staff at SAINTS, thank you for having the strength and courage to follow thru on your promise to Pops, no matter how much it hurt.

Percy, know that your friend is in a wonderful place and you will meet again.

God bless you all today.

Bunny Horne

Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.
Unknown quote

Popeye, you were one of a kind. You touched the hearts of many in a profound way. Having had you in my life has forever changed me and I hope has made me a better human being. It was my pleasure to serve an protect you. When I look into the night sky I WILL see your beautiful face. Please know that you WERE LOVED. Rest in Peace sweet POPS, now you can run free as the wind.

Carol, Erin, Brent, MOE and Dionne, thank you for being with him. Bless all of you.

Grant Hayter-Menzies

My late grandmother, who was a very devout Christian lady from the South, told me that if there was anything to reincarnation she hoped to come back as a horse. "I can't imagine anything nicer," she said, "than running freely over green meadows, on and on till forever." If there *is* anything to reincarnation, Pops won't need to come back - he's paid whatever dues a beautiful horse has to pay on this sometimes miserable planet, and is far from pain. Carol, you and your fellow saints gave him a bit of Heaven on earth, and I salute you all.


Several years ago I found a poem written by a man named Jeff Anderson after the passing of his obviously beloved dog. There are a total of 12 verses "spoken" by his now deceased dog, the first of which talk about their earlier years together and the last five verses address what comes after. I will share these last five with those of you who loved Pops best.

"I'll not forget when last I saw
My big and gentle friend.
He held my head and stroked my side
I knew this was the end.

Although I tried to lick his hand,
My eyes began to close,
And as I was about to leave
A tear caressed my nose.

So now I wait outside a gate,
The sun is warm and bright.
The fields are green and water sweet
With stars so bright at night.

And though I've yet to step inside
These gates of pearly white,
The sound of music ventures forth
And warms my heart at night.

For now, I'll wait. It won't be long,
My path will soon be free.
My friend will walk me through the gate
You see... he'd wait for me."

Pops, Frodo and all the others will be there waiting for all of you.

Donna S.

My condolences on the passing of Pops. :0( Hugs to all the people and fuzzies at Saints.


Bless his soul and may he run and be pain free in the company of many who will love him forever.