Rescue Journal

homecoming is almost as stimulating exhausting as working all day.

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2012

one more shift then i swear i am going comatose for 24 least.

odie was trying to play with tess..that went over well...not. odie don't try to play with pisses her off.

tess and esther and papa john and yoda just had some pumpkin pie...luckily everyone else was outside for a pee so i actually got a few bites.

phoebe was screaming to get out of her zen den when i walked in the door...i let her out and five minutes later she was screaming to get back in. a couple of minutes later her blanket fell off and she was screaming again for me to come fix it...FINALLY she is content and quietly curled up in her chair and hopefully she stays that way for awhile.

may is is sleeping on the second laundry shelf on a big pile of soft towels...june is offerring herself up as some kind of sacrifice to shane or odie or pretty much anybody who will stop and chew on her for awhile.
manny needed a butt clean up and help up to his feet so he could have a snack and a drink and find a different bed to lay down on. morgan is in a you are my best friend in the world frenzy, tina is doing headstands on the couch which is also pissing benny off cuz her back legs keep thumpily landing on his couch potato butt.
odie just tried to play with tess again....odie i told you, leave her alone, she is not going to play with you and don't even think you can hump her! do it again and i won't stop her from biting your bratty and rude husky nose...tess has clearly already told you...NO!!

and that is just my first 30 minutes in the computer room/kitchen..time to move on to see everyone else.



may came in with one of the last sets of spca cruelty seizures for medical neglect...bad skin, bad teeth. she also is not spayed.

her teeth and spay are not done yet..the vet said they have to wait until her skin is better (she is on both antibiotic and antifungal oral meds and weekly nizorol baths for a couple of more weeks before her recheck.)

she is a sweet, sweet, sweet little dog!


I tried searching for info on where little May came from but i cant seem to find it. Can someone please remind me?


hey i was just wondering how nigel is doing. nicole can you please let us know. thanks.