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a couple of housekeeping things...

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2012

there is now an emergency cell phone in the house cuz the land line still doesn't work. it is plugged in on top of the microwave. anyone can call out on it (but we do have a limited number of user monthly minutes so please just use it for important things) and no one has the number to call in except me. so if you hear it ringing..answer will be me needing to talk to someone here.

also..i have been struggling with how to say this in a way that doesn't sound selfish and mean and i really can't come up with a nice feel ok way so i am just going to say it.

far too many of my personal dvd's have permanently disappeared (i am not talking one or two, or 10 or 12..i am talking about many over the years )..sometimes people are good, borrow and bring them back quickly...sometimes it is months later and sometimes they never are seen again. i know it is unintentional..folks borrow and forget to tell me, they get busy and lose track of time, sometimes they just get mixed in with someones own collection and forgotten forever, there they stay.

anyway, the bottom line is...i don't really want to lend out dvd's anymore..i have lost some of my all time favorite movies that i can't afford to replace anymore. watching movies with the dogs is about the only fun and relaxing thing that i get to do and i am one of those people who like to watch their favorite movies over and over again..i like and enjoy them and thats why i buy them.

i thought of just putting a sign up, but every time any of us saw it, we would feel uncomfortable and i don't want to look continually at a mean and selfish i don't lend movies anymore sign. so i thought i would just go for the one big and uncomfortable post and then we could just know carol's movie borrowing store is closed now and forget all about it.




Great Minds Think Alike!!!! Please post a list of DVD's you are missing and/or would like. I am sure many of us could contribute to your collection.


i too agree with mo. you really do not have much of a perosnal life of your own you should not have to lose something that you enjoy. maybe someone can remember if they borrowed something as i am sure it is not intentional but no you do not have to lend out anything. have you asked mystic lol


Hi ! Carol ' Ray & i had just looked at the dvd's we have doubles of and set a side some '' ' so i'll bring some in '' if its ok ' weird had been thinking about this since just before xmas '' cheers Polly


There is nothing mean or selfish about you setting boundaries around your personal things and your personal space.I can't even come to close to understanding how you handle almost all of your personal space & things (like 99.9%)to be so openly shared with everyone. So please do not apologize for reminding us that SAINTS is not only a haven for animals needing a safe is also your home.

Bunny Horne

Carol - do you need handiman Brent and I on Friday. We both have the day off and could do special projects - like vacuum out the shelving in Wilbur's enclosure etc. If you have a special project let us know, otherwise we will be on site Sunday the 8th.

Bunny Horne

Here's a thought - Carol any of the donations of DVDs that you get, where you have a duplicate or that movie doesn't interest you - we could put it aside for a flea market / garage sale thing. I am seriously attempting to get a Saints Garage Sale / Flea Market thingy happening this spring. Or it might be something that would be great to have at the Open House. Brent and I could set up our tent, set up the stuff and run the entire thing. It could keep people occupied while they are waiting for their tour. Just a thought.


I second Maggie's comment. I do thrift stores, garage sales etc. on a regular basis and can also keep an eye peeled.


Carol, I have tons and tons of movies. I am in the process of going through them to give some away. list your favourites...maybe I have some of them and I will gladly give them to you if they are on my "list to go" Not quite sure if we share the same taste in movies but if we do maybe i have some of your favorites that I no longer's worth a shot.


Carol if you post a list of your missing favourites we could keep an eye out at thrift stores, garage sales etc.