Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2012

The (not really) Savage Beast

"jesus christ you little bastard that fucking hurt!"
so sayeth carol, the patient and kind and compassionate and respectful odie's sharp teeth sink into her thigh.

odie's point of view on what happened...

(odie was not actually remorseful even tho said biting of carol's leg was a blind series of somewhat innocent mistakes..he was more interestedly bewildered)..." did carol's leg get into my mouth?"

carol's point of view on what happened...

because you little blind dimtwit, you thought it was big bag bambi coming up your side from behind but it was really sweet, gentle esther who luckily saw you coming and darted out of your way leaving my leg right in front of your wide open mouth....which you promptly chomped down on hard!

one shallow and one deep muscle puncture and some nasty bruising and swelling coming later...carol headed grumbling off to the bathroom to clean up the blood and stick a dressing on the wound.

a few minutes later she hobbled back to stick odie up in the laundry room with a snack... not so much to punish him (he wasn't too worried that he had just bitten her..he knew it was an accident..a husky's motto is...shit happens, get over it.)...anyway..she stuck him in there to make sure he didn't bite anyone else by mistake while she applied an ice pack to her damaged leg.

and after he finished his snack...odie proceeded to have a complete husky hissy fit. he screamed and yelled, he chewed on the gate.

and so sayeth the saintly rescuer carol this time around...."oh fer gawds sake ryan..go ahead and let him out... if he bites anyone else i will just beat him to death."

out came the little spoiled rotten savage..quite cheerful to have gotten his way..he marched straight into the computer room and laid down on the floor in his regular spot right by carol's now very sore leg.

(big sigh, taking responsibility for odie's mistaken was actually my own fault. i was rough housing playing with odie which pissed the bitchy dingo queen off..bambi told odie to stop it, odie told bambi to screw off..i yelled at both of them to knock it off and esther chose that exact highly charged minute to try to sneak up past blind odie and say hello to carol her friend and odie thought it was that dominate killjoy dingo bitching at him again.
what can i say?..i am human, odie is a dog..mistakes happen..and now i have a hole in my leg, thx so much odie you reactive, blind, northern, dimwad dog and i ain't playing and winding you up again for a very LONG TIME!)



sorry, I know I should offer sympathy (been bitten quite badly myself) but instead spit my coffee all over my computer--your fault because of your hilarious storytelling. Luv the husky motto


im sorry for you carol, but im glad esther didnt get bit, she really is the sweetest dog ever.